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Company Name:
Rolls-Royce Marine Australia


Sage Pastel Evolution

Company Profile
Rolls-Royce Marine Australia develops, designs, supplies and supports marine products and systems for naval and commercial customers worldwide. The global business provides integrated power systems for use on land, at sea and in the air.

With primary focus on power, propulsion and motion control solutions, Rolls-Royce Marine Australia serves over 2,000 customers and has equipment installed on 30,000 vessels operating around the worked. Rolls-Royce Marine Australia has four business units, which focus on Merchant, Naval, Offshore and Submarine market segments.

A strong focus on research and development has seen Rolls-Royce Marine Australia become the pioneer of many important marine technologies that include; aero derivative marine gas turbines, controllable pitch propellers and waterjets.

The Challenge
Rolls-Royce Marine Australia's accounting program was struggling to process the day-to-day running of the business. The number of staff that would access the system simultaneously was limited causing the program to slow down and cause data integrity issues.

It was becoming a big frustration amongst staff and management. "Often the system would only post to one side of the trial balance so the figures were not always right and it took a lot of time to fix the problems the software was creating" said Jamie Kilsby, Financial Controller for Rolls-Royce Marine Australia, WA.

The business was on the look out for a solution that could manage large amounts of data on products and customers as well as manage multiple users on the system at one time.

The Solution
A robust solution that will grow with the business.

Sage Pastel Evolution is a robust solution with an advanced operating system. The SQL database ensures data integrity and scalability. It also allows the business to tailor the program to meet with individual organisational needs. "We needed something with Tax Management, Job Costing, Fixed Assets, CRM and all the standard accounting modules to run the complex business"

Progressive Business Technologies presented Rolls-Royce Marine Australia with Sage Pastel Evolution and immediately Jamie found the system easy-to-use. "The layout of the system tree makes it easy to jump between the modules. I now that introducing the system to the staff wouldn't be a problem".

The ability to raise Purchase Orders and capture costs associated to the job was important.

Being a job-driven company, it was important that Rolls-Royce Marine Australia have the ability to raise purchase orders against a job as well as capture all other costs and revenue associated with the job to identify profitability.

Interwoven CRM capabilities

The CRM module, which is the core of the program, stores email communication within the client contact. Each time a staff member views a client folder, they are able to see all the communication which has been sent to the client.

The central storage area of the program provides valuable historical communication for staff. Staff have all the historical communication they need to maintain and develop meaningful relationships with the client.

This provides a valuable tool when you have several departments and staff members dealing with the one customer.

The Results
Since implementing Sage Pastel Evolution, Rolls-Royce Marine have experienced a number of efficiencies in their day-to-day running of the business.

The purchase order template functionality has proven to be an effective time saver, where users have the capability to create a copy of the Order Acknowledgement as a purchase order without having to recapture the information. The template is also used during the quotation process and minimised staff error and streamlined the order process.


"Time is valuable, and to save me two days per month is priceless"                  

Jamie Kilsby, Financial Controller for Rolls-Royce Marine Australia