Case Studies and Testimonials

Thanks to our many clients that have provided Case Studies and Testimonials for our services.

Linda Hodges, Business Manager Torbreck Vintners

PBT have been instrumental in bringing our accounting system into not only the modern era, but a system that has been able to streamline everyday work practices immensely.  The transition process was made incredibly easy by the overwhelming support, communication and assistance from the PBT team.  Any issues that have arisen in the 22 months we have been dealing with them have been addressed promptly and followed through until the problem rectified.  They are more than happy to work to create new reports that suit our business and I feel satisfied that the efficiencies we have received far out way the financial investment.  I cannot recommend PBT highly enough. –Linda Hodges, Business Manager Torbreck Vintners.

Keith Diener, Statewide Appliance Spares

Progressive Business Technologies analysed our workflow and provided us with a detailed plan to upgrade our ERP software. Their inhouse developers designed and implemented custom software for our payment gateway and product imports saving us time and money on daily tasks. Response times are quick when we have an issue or software query, and always followed up to ensure we have received the desired outcome. – Keith Diener Statewide Appliance Spares

Ted Beare, Eglington Brothers      

Agriculture Machinery Dealer in the Yorke Peninsula in SA. We have been use the Sybiz Product (Payroll & Accounting) for a number of years. We had to move to Sybiz Vision from Classic, due to the large number of Inventory lines, and PBT help us with that.

We also run 7 computers via a server network and 3 laptops out in the field which PBT support.

PBT are fantastic with their Support and Response times with any issues that arise, also with hardware product and support.  – Ted Beare Eglington Brothers 

Electronic Time Capture for 300 School Ministers

Schools Ministry Group offers ongoing pastoral and practical support through chaplaincy to school communities. SMG is the employer of more than 300 Pastoral Care Workers in SA government schools and is an approved Chaplaincy Service provider of the South Australian Department of Education and Child Development (DECD) through the National School Chaplaincy Program (NSCP). SMG utilises Sybiz Visipay for their payroll software.

SMG required a solution for their 300 plus Pastoral Care Workers to be able to lodge their time sheets electronically via their mobile phones. The aim was to allow a simple entry method for the care workers, that would allow administration staff the ability to review and alter time sheets as required, before automatically posting these time sheets to Sybiz Visipay.   READ MORE>>

Business Intelligence Solved

Star21 enjoys the reputation of being one of Telstra’s most successful channel partners, winning the Victorian Telstra Dealer of the year 3 times. Offering leading edge telecommunication solutions in a very competitive market place, the need for business analytics and visibility of their operations is imperative to their success.“We thought our reporting pre SnapshotBI was credible, but a number of issues still existed in the business” says Sam Capuana General Manager Finance & Operations.

“Dissemination of information quickly to our staff with-out manual manipulation was a problem. There was information we wanted, but struggled to extract it in meaningful forms without significant time spent by our staff. But with Snapshot we were able to retrieve information we never dreamed we could get, and there it was, with just the click of a button”. Now from their CEO, to their Sales & Support Staff, the key business information is fed live to their employees via a range of specific dashboards.  READ MORE >>