Schools Ministry Group Uses Time Plus for over 300 ministers to record electronic timesheets

Schools Ministry Group offers ongoing pastoral and practical support through chaplaincy to school communities. SMG is the employer of more than 300 Pastoral Care Workers in SA government schools and is an approved Chaplaincy Service provider of the South Australian Department of Education and Child Development (DECD) through the National School Chaplaincy Program (NSCP). SMG utilises Sybiz Visipay for their payroll software.

SMG required a solution for their 300 plus Pastoral Care Workers to be able to lodge their time sheets electronically via their mobile phones. The aim was to allow a simple entry method for the care workers, that would allow administration staff the ability to review and alter time sheets as required, before automatically posting these time sheets to Sybiz Visipay. Other requirements also included:

  • Mobile phone access for all staff to enter in electronic timesheets
  • The ability to automatically restrict the number of hours that could be submitted to payroll
  • The ability for pastoral care workers to be able to see their total hours worked against their monthly budget allowance
  • Have cut off date & times where timesheets needed to be submitted by
  • Limit the choices and data entry field choices necessary for staff to complete

Progressive Business Technologies worked with SMG to implement TimePlus, a solution developed by Plus Software, which could meet the requirements of SMG. Once implemented, the solution was rolled out to the 300+ chaplains  via an automated email process that provided everyone with the access link, and username & password for their specific login. With little difficulty timesheets starting flowing in within 24 hours, and the solution now runs seamlessly providing SMG with a much improved and efficient electronic time sheet solution.