SnapshotBI solves Star 21 business intelligence challenge

The Reporting Challenges

Star21 enjoys the reputation of being one of Telstra’s most successful channel partners, winning the Victorian Telstra Dealer of the year 3 times. Offering leading edge telecommunication solutions in a very competitive market place, the need for business analytics and visibility of their operations is imperative to their success.“We thought our reporting pre SnapshotBI was credible, but a number of issues still existed in the business” says Sam Capuana General Manager Finance & Operations.

“Dissemination of information quickly to our staff with-out manual manipulation was a problem. There was information we wanted, but struggled to extract it in meaningful forms without significant time spent by our staff. But with Snapshot we were able to retrieve information we never dreamed we could get, and there it was, with just the click of a button”. Now from their CEO, to their Sales & Support Staff, the key business information is fed live to their employees via a range of specific dashboards.

The Solution

Star21 made the choice to Implement SnapshotBI. “All our key analytics from Sales Reporting, Sales Rep Reporting, and Profit & Loss can be seen in real time, in a concise and visually easy to understand nature.” “We control who can see what information, and staff can self-serve rather than having to request information. The dashboards provide a level of investigative freedom to our staff that you just can’t get with a report and created a new drive to achieve targets. They don’t even need access to our core business systems”.
“All in all, if we weigh up the time we used to spend on preparing business data, and the increased information now available to us, it’s the best investment we have made in a long time” says Sam.

About SnapshotBI

Snapshot is a dashboard analytics reporting platform made specifically for mid-market ERP products. It’s purpose is simple! To give you the right information about any area of your business in real time to make informed decisions. It’s execution is powerful! The dashboard analytics can be accessed from a desktop application in the office or via any web brows-er from a PC or mobile devices such as iPads and Tablets.

What PBT loves about SnapshotBI

“Our customers sometimes don’t realize how much time they spend on trying to get the right business information quickly to make decisions. They also aren’t aware of what’s possible in some cases. Snapshot Analytics comes with an ever growing library of standard dash-boards, decreasing the need for custom reporting. Custom dashboards can still be developed, quicker than reports and in Star 21’s case we were able to develop very specific dashboards providing them the exact information they required”.

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