Sage Intacct Core Financials

Sage Intacct Core Financials

Sage Intacct Core Accounting – best in class!

Sage Intacct Core Accounting delivers Multi-Entity, Multi-Book & Multi-Dimensional Accounting with Global Consolidation as simple or as complex as you like.  Sage Intacct Financials is built by accountants, for accountants.

Multi-Entity & Multi-Book

Sage Intacct provides a unique core accounting platform that enables you to manage a simple single Chart of Accounts for one entity, all the way to a multiple company environment utilising either a singular or different General Ledger design while maintaining different company base currencies. It’s so well respected, that Gartner recognise Sage Intacct Core Financials as the Industry Leader.

In a Multi-Entity company or organisation environment, you can define one Chart of Accounts and still keep a complete set of financials for each company or organisation. These companies and organisations can have different base currencies, as well as transact with foreign currency suppliers & customers.

Further to this, with Sage Intacct, you can have multiple books within each company or organisation. Think of it as a parallel Chart of Accounts containing all the same General Ledger codes, but you can choose to post to a separate book. This is fantastic for recording end of year reporting adjustments, recording Purchase Order commitments to another book, or . Even better you can choose to ‘Book Stack’ in your reporting to say which books you want to include in major financial reports like the P & L, Trial Balance, and Balance Sheet.

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Multi Dimensions

Sage Intacct utilises a concept known as dimension codes to provide extreme flexibility in reporting while keeping your Chart of Accounts minimal in the number of accounts. Transactions can be tagged with dimension codes, which then allow financial reports to be run by dimension. Sage Intacct comes with up to 8 standard dimensions, but you can add user-defined dimensions if required.

Intercompany Transactions Automated

Sage Intacct also automates and manages inter-company or organisational transactions, whether this be payments made from one company’s bank account for purchases in another company, or loans between company’s Sage Intacct can take the administrative burden out of manually having to track and enter inter-entity transactions.

Restricting Customers, Suppliers, Bank Accounts to Companies & Organisations

When configuring Sage Intacct with multiple companies or organisations, you can maintain a single set of Customers, Suppliers, & Bank Accounts, but restrict which entities can view and transact with them. This provides a simplified data management approach that saves time in maintenance and record-keeping.

Global Consolidations

Sage Intacct also provides the ability to consolidate multiple companies or organisations financial reports into a consolidated set of reports, making it easy to see the overall performance of all companies or organisations in your group.

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Reporting and Dashboarding

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