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Sage Intacct – Project Accounting software for Professional Services Industry

PBT is one of the leading partners for Sage Intacct Australia with a wealth of experience in the Professional Services industry.  Sage Intacct Project Accounting software delivers the ideal cloud ERP solution for the Professional Services industry. Being a professional services company ourselves, we understand exactly how cloud technology has transformed our workplace. It’s predicted by 2024 that 50% of all ERP implementations will be on true cloud systems.

With cloud software offering professional service staff greater efficiency and value, Sage Intacct leads the way when it comes to:

  • Project Costing
  • Time & Expenses (approval and workflows)
  • Project Billing
  • Global Consolidations
  • Project Profitability

Sage Intacct Project Solution

For those Professional Service organisations that work on a Project Basis, Sage Intacct provides a complete Project Management Solution that encompasses:

  • Project Tracking and Status Reporting
  • Project Budget vs Actual Analysis – Detailed Project Analysis by Stage, Location, Task and many other dimensions.
  • Resource Management, Costing and Charging – Allocate both Direct & Indirect Labour Costs, Record Non-Billable and Billable Time
  • Project Billing via Fixed Price, Cost Plus, Work in Progress Tracking and Percentage Based Billing
  • Expense tracking by project

Timesheet Entry, Approval & Labour Management

An efficient Time Capture and Approval process are a must-have for Professional Service Organisations. Providing Staff access to easily record their daily time against projects from any location, and having an efficient approval process for approving timesheets seamlessly reduces overhead costs and administration time. Staff hours are then automatically costed and allocated to the correct Projects. Staff hours can be both billable and non-billable, with flexibility around calculating and costing both direct and indirect labour costs.

Labour Billing Analysis

When time is your most valuable resource, understanding exactly where it goes, how it is used is the first step to improving your organisation. With Sage Intacct’s Dashboard tools you can implement real-time staff hours analysis, monitoring recovery rates, team and individual performance. The depth of possibilities and customisation means that you can manage your teams far more efficiently and be proactive in identifying trends and issues before they evolve into significant issues.

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