Changes to Sybiz Visipay Super Export

To provide customers with greater protection, Sybiz have recently “disabled” the use of the Sybiz Super Export capability for customer not using Sybiz Super.  Doing so, further reduces the risk of data leakage in the software.  What this means is that if you are not registered with Sybiz Super, you will be unable to use the “Sybiz Super Export” to extract your employee’s salary and superannuation data to your super clearing house.

As always, it is our focus at PBT, and that of Sybiz Software to uphold high standards of data protection and privacy when working with sensitive employee data.  Whilst the ATO does not provide regulatory oversight in this area, it is making advances to push businesses to adopt more stringent security protocols when transferring information such as SuperStream to clearing houses.

If you still require an export capability and like to discuss this further to ensure your organisation is doing all it can with the security of data exchange in Visipay, please contact us.

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