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Professional Services Engagement – Changing Solution Providers

If you are thinking of changing your Accounting, Payroll or I.T. Solution Provider or Partner, we’re grateful that you’re thinking of Progressive Business Technologies (PBT), one of Australia’s largest and most respected Solution Providers. With a solid 20-year reputation in the Business Software and Systems space, we’ve positioned ourselves as a Trusted Advisor of choice for many medium and large businesses.

First off, we always encourage that you try and resolve your issues or concerns with your existing Partner.

If you feel you have completed this step and you’d still like to engage with us, then this process below will allow us both to assess and complete your transfer in a professional and ethical manner.

1 Understanding We will organise a phone call to understand your situation and business and determine if we are suitable for a long-term partnership.
2 Investment If we agree we are right for each other, we’ll provide preliminary information about our services, our team and our consulting & support costs.
3 Ethics After reviewing this information, if you wish to progress we will notify your existing Solution Provider. We will allow a one-week ethics courtesy window to try and remedy or resolve your concerns or to tidy up any administration.

 We will not engage with you in any services during this 3-step process.

If you manage to resolve your differences with your existing Solution Provider, you’re welcome to withdraw from changing over to PBT.

If, however your decision is to continue to change Solution Providers we will sign agreements and welcome you onboard immediately as a Customer. We’ll look forward to introducing you to our team and establishing ourselves as your Trusted Advisor.

If you require more information, please email Laura James on or speak to her on 1300 720 767


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