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About PBT

At Progressive Business Technologies (PBT), we are committed to providng mid-market organisations with solutions that unlock their potential for growth and streamline their efficiencies. Our expertise lies in crafting and deploying industry-leading solutions, including:

Dynamic Finance & ERP Software Solutions

Advanced Payroll, Rostering, and Timesheeting Solutions

Comprehensive IT Solutions

Our team comprises highly experienced consultants spanning an array of specialities. This includes dedicated Project Managers, proficient ERP Consultants, skilled Payroll Consultants, innovative Software Developers, and savvy IT Engineers. These experts converge to deliver integrated services across all our specialised divisions.

We aspire to become your trusted advisor. Our commitment to understanding your specific requirements and the unique challenges you encounter within your current business landscape is unwavering. To achieve this, we listen attentively, communicate transparently, and uphold a stance of honesty in all our interactions.

With our extensive knowledge of the industry and products, we guide you through the process, ensuring we remain reliable and humble. We endeavour to deliver solutions that impeccably align cost and functionality, hitting the right spot on the cost-effectiveness vs. functionality curve.

Our ERP Teams specialise in deploying solutions from the distinguished portfolios of Sage, Microsoft, and Sybiz.

In terms of Payroll, Rostering, and Timesheeting solutions, we deploy advanced systems like Employment Hero Payroll (formerly Keypay).

For IT solutions, we offer an expansive range of both cloud and on-premise solutions, utilizing flexible Pay As You Go, Managed Services or Hybrid agreements, tailoring our services to best suit your needs and preferences.

Please contact us to discuss to understand how we can help your organisation use technology to improve it’s efficiency and growth!

Please make contact with us to discuss your situation and grab some free advice.

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