Optimising your ERP Solution after Implementation

Optimising your ERP System post-implementation is key to achieving improved business performance and maximising your investment.

This document outlines the reality and requirement of optimising your ERP Implementation well beyond the initial implementation to derive the most benefit from it and how PBT helps in that process.

Implementing a new ERP system requires a substantial investment of time, money, and resources. Most businesses commence their new ERP implementation journey with high expectations for achieving a substantial, long term return on their investment, not all organisations  realise their system’s full potential value.

Post ERP implementation reports highlight that only 50% of companies realise significant benefits within the initial 3 months of their ERP implementation, that number jumps to 81% in the following 12 months. However, it’s important to note that the success and timing of realising benefits can vary significantly across organisations.

Implementing a new ERP will not instantly deliver value to your organisation. When the implementation project ends, the true work to harness your new technology to drive tangible business value begins.

An ERP system’s ‘post Go Live’ period of optimisation extends not just for a couple of weeks, but over the next few years.

To unlock the true value of your new ERP system, you will need to systematically plan and implement ongoing improvements and ‘tighten the bolts’ so to speak. At Progressive Business Technologies, we understand what it takes to drive ongoing value from your ERP, and we have developed a proven ERP lifecycle management methodology that helps you maximise the return on your investment.

PBT’s ERP Lifecycle Management Methodology and Services

  1. Post Implementation Settling In & Review

During the initial weeks following the implementation of your new ERP system, your team will need time to transition away from their old way of working and to consolidate their understanding of and confidence using the new system. During this time, PBT provides intensive coaching and support to your team as they complete their first month of raising transactions, reconciling bank accounts, and generating reports in the new system.

Once the team has settled in, we systematically gather user feedback, conduct a post-implementation review, and report back to you on the outcomes.

  1. Optimise Data Analytics and Reporting

Harnessing the power of your new ERP system’s data analytics and reporting capabilities is one of the most critical and, unfortunately, most frequently missed opportunities to drive significant value from your ERP.

Focussing on this area post implementation, our team of experienced consultants have worked across a multitude of industries and have the experience and capability to discuss your business and its operations in your language. They can help you to quickly create and refine custom reports and dashboards to help you gain meaningful insights into key performance metrics, identify trends, and make informed decisions.


  1. Planning & Managing Phase 2 & 3’ Critical Path

Generally speaking, organisation can’t implement every aspect of change that a new solution brings in the first implementation stage. During every new ERP implementation, business stakeholders invariably identify additional system functions and features the business needs. To manage project scope, these are often deferred to a ‘Phase 2 & 3, to be completed after the core system Go Live.

Once the core system goes live, other priorities can take hold, project teams disbanded, and the Phase 2 initiatives push away.

The postponed Phase 2 & 3 initiatives, which are initially considered secondary but important, can hold the key to maximizing the system’s potential and achieving the desired efficiency gains. These can be as small as utilising an existing feature of the software, to implementing new modules or integration to existing or peripheral systems.

We work with you on a customised plan post implementation plan (using Industry based Templates) to outline the critical path for these phase 2 and 3 enhancements, utilising our experience and knowledge to outline the possibilities for them and to a timeline that suits you, often over the next 2 years.

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