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Cloud & On-Premise Payroll Solutions

PBT supports payroll software solutions for SMB’s to larger companies.  These payroll solutions take the headaches out of the payroll process and help you save time, money and help mitigate compliance risks.

PBT Payroll powered by KeyPay is a cloud-based workforce management and payroll platform that automates the flow of data from the employee, through to payroll and back to the business in a single cloud platform. PBT Payroll saves time and money by combining rostering, timesheets, leave management, payroll and reporting in a complete end-to-end solution. 

PBT Payroll powered by KeyPay can help businesses: 

  • Automate award calculations with pre-built award rule sets 
  • Automate leave calculations 
  • Electronic Timesheets
  • Rostering & Shift Bidding
  • Set expiring deductions 
  • Empower employees with mobile apps and self-service portal 
  • Automate wage cost calculations with pre-built modern awards 
  • Manage teams from any device – web, tablet & mobile 4 Benefits of implementing 


Sybiz Software has been around for over 40 years.

Sybiz Visipay is an intuitive payroll solution that links seamlessly with Sybiz Visipay.  You can integration with Sybiz Vision Job Cost & Service Manager modules to allow labour costing and timesheet data to flow through to payroll.  This reduces the need for data entry time reducing the opportunities for errors.

Sybiz Visipay also has an Employee Self Service module for employees to access payslips, payment summaries and manage their leave.


Time Plus provides an affordable & flexible solution to enables staff to capture their time sheets either from within the office or via their phone or tablet.

Time sheets can be approved by Managers, edited as required, and automatically be interpreted into normal time, time and half, and double-time etc. based on a rules and defined criteria.

Timesheets are then automatically uploaded into Sybiz Vision for costing labour to Jobs, Sybiz Visipay for hours worked or both for processing.