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Payroll Rostering and Timesheeting Options Offered by PBT

We offer comprehensive options for Payroll Rostering and Timesheeting solutions. These solutions are designed to streamline the payroll process, save time and money, and assist with compliance with Fair Work Australia and payroll regulations.

Employment Hero Payroll 

A cloud-based payroll platform and workforce management solution that offers a wide range of features to simplify payroll, award interpretation, compliance, rostering & time sheeting tasks. These functions combine seamlessly into a single cloud platform. Some of the features related to Payroll, Rostering and Timesheeting are listed below:

Award Interpretation

Employment Hero Payrolls award interpretation engine is a powerful tool that simplifies payroll management and ensures accurate and compliant payment calculations for employees. Using Employment Hero Payrolls advanced rules engine, businesses can automate the complex process of interpreting industry awards and agreements, eliminating the need for manual calculations and reducing the risk of errors. The award interpretation feature takes into account the specific rules, entitlements, and rates outli

ned in each award, seamlessly applying them to employees’ timesheets and leave requests. This automation streamlines the payroll process, saves time, and mitigates compliance risks, as it helps businesses stay up-to-date with ever-changing labour laws and regulations.

 Rostering & Shift Bidding

With this feature, businesses can efficiently manage employee schedules and shift allocations. Managers can create rosters, assign shifts, and enable shift bidding, allowing employees to express their

 preferences for specific shifts, promoting a more collaborative scheduling process.

Electronic Timesheets

Employment Hero Payroll facilitates the use of electronic timesheets, that are automatically interpreted by the Award rules engine. Employees can easily record their working hours and submit timesheets electronically, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing errors.

Automated Leave Calculations

The platform automates the calculation of leave entitlements, making it easier for both employees and HR managers to track and manage leave balances accurately.

Empower Employees: PBT Payroll’s mobile apps and self-service portal empower employees to access their p

ayroll-related information conveniently. This self-service capability enhances employee engagement and reduces administrative burdens on HR teams.



Sybiz Visipay, is another popular payroll solution supported by PBT. Sybiz Visipay stands out as a renowned, feature-laden payroll software tailored for Australian businesses. Beyond just payroll, its integrated modules encompass Human Resource Management, leave management, and employee self-service.


Plus Software SolutionsTimeTrust

TimeTrust is a flexible and cost-effective time-tracking solution for Sybiz Vision and Visipay. It’s main goal is to allow staff to capture their timesheets efficiently, and provide the captured information for approval and automated entry directly into Sybiz Vision Job Costing for on-charging, Visipay for payroll, or both.

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