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Sybiz Visipay stands out as a renowned, feature-laden payroll software tailored for Australian businesses. Beyond just payroll, its integrated modules encompass Human Resource Management, leave management, and employee self-service, setting it apart from traditional payroll functions. While it functions efficiently as a stand-alone payroll system, Sybiz Visipay can also be deeply integrated with Sybiz Vision and Sage Pastel Evolution.

Here are the key benefits and features of using Sybiz Visipay:

  • Comprehensive Employee Record Management: Sybiz Visipay allows instant access to employee data. The integrated Human Resource Management module even permits storage of additional HR-related data.
  • Seamless Integration: It’s designed to effortlessly integrate with Sybiz Vision accounting software and Sybiz VSM service management software. This ensures timesheet data is entered just once. Additionally, it has a General Ledger export feature, which is particularly useful for those using Sybiz Vision, Sage Pastel Evolution, or Sage Pastel Partner.
  • Flexible Payroll Periods: Whether you pay your employees weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, Sybiz Visipay caters to all. Its Pay Profile feature also saves time by avoiding repetitive data entry for recurring transactions.
  • Time and Attendance Integration: Sybiz Visipay can collaborate with most time and attendance software.
  • Customised Pay Documentation: With Sybiz Visipay’s Payslip Editor, customize payslips, and even integrate your company’s logo. These payslips can be emailed directly with added password protection.
  • Streamlined Superannuation Payments: Employers can make superannuation payments to any complying fund through Sybiz Visipay, with the Sybiz Visipay and SuperChoice solution allowing for a singular electronic payment to multiple funds.
  • Enhanced HR Management: The HR module permits tracking essential staff requirements, from licenses to workplace incidents. This strengthens employee relations and augments staff data knowledge.
  • Efficient Leave Management: The Employee Self Service (ESS) feature for Sybiz Visipay optimizes leave management by digitizing requests, approvals, and monitoring. Employees can maintain their records, submit leave applications, and even access leave calculators. The platform’s interface ensures leave requests never go unnoticed, and processing them during payroll becomes effortless.
  • Employee Portal: Employees can log in anytime to view their payment and leave records, reprint old payslips, and estimate future leave. For managerial staff, the calendar view provides a comprehensive look at leave periods to help in planning and ensuring no staff shortages.

For a comprehensive, integrated, and streamlined Payroll and HR solution, Sybiz Visipay stands out as a tool of choice for modern Australian businesses. If you’re considering an upgrade or transition, we recommend diving deeper into what Sybiz Visipay can offer your organisation.

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