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Buying Servers and Software is easy, but knowing what to buy, that’s hard.

Never has there been a greater number of options available to a customer in terms of an IT solution than now. Cloud, On Premise, Vitrualisation, CPU Core Licensing, User Licensing, the list goes on and it’s difficult to understand.

Put simply, we listen to your business requirements,  provide honest reliable advice on the right solutions for your business, and then facilitate the purchase and implementation of the required components.

With access to all major brands of hardware and software from Australia’s main distributors we understand the different options available to the SME sector and have implemented hundreds of solutions. We are expert in the many  different licensing options available and can recommend the right licensing solution for your business.

We focus on the right cost versus functionality curve, always trying to mitigate risk of downtime and provide secure solutions with adequate protection in terms of backup strategies and preventative measures for our clients.


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