Asset Accountant

Asset Accountant

AssetAccountant™ Overview

AssetAccountant™ is a premier solution tailored for both small businesses and large corporations, ensuring the accurate management of fixed assets and leases. Designed with both sophistication and user-friendliness, the platform is dedicated to detailed modeling of fixed asset depreciation and lease calculation rules that align with accounting and tax standards. To ensure that businesses stay compliant without the added effort, the platform diligently monitors and updates in accordance with changes to ATO tax rulings and crucial accounting standards like IAS 16 and IFRS 16.

 Features and Benefits

At the heart of AssetAccountant™ is its cloud-based, API-first structure that promotes seamless integration with major ERP systems like Sage Intacct. This ensures data consistency and reduces the need for manual entry. The platform supports Single Sign-On (SSO) and meets the ISO27001 certification standards, emphasizing data security.

AssetAccountant™ is versatile and can handle vast asset registers, making it a go-to for corporations with expansive inventories.

Key features include side-by-side accounting and tax calculations, depreciation and leasing calculations, and lease liability forecasting.

The software offers user-defined dimensions, allowing businesses to organize data based on parameters like profit centers, locations, or departments. Additionally, bulk operations streamline tasks related to acquisitions, disposals, revaluations, and reassessments.

The depth of coverage for depreciation and leasing concepts is noteworthy. From IFRS depreciation methods encompassing prime cost, diminishing value, and units of use to the broad range of IFRS 16 leasing concepts, the platform is comprehensive. Furthermore, AssetAccountant™ provides extensive coverage of ATO rules, ensuring that businesses adhere to all regulatory requirements.

One of its standout attributes is its flexible pricing model. Catering to all, the platform can be used, with tiered subscriptions available based on asset volume, making it a cost-effective solution for both small enterprises and multinational corporations.

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