ERP & Accounting Software

Choosing the right ERP solution

At PBT we provide mid-market Accounting & ERP solutions to clients. Across a significant client base, we have vast experience in business software solutions across a broad industry spectrum.

We specialize in businesses that need to move up to a mid-market solution to improve business processes, reduce replication of data and improve business intelligence.

Likewise, we work with clients that need to move down from enterprise business software solutions.  This is due to
complexity of operation, enterprise level ongoing costs, and a depth of features that are no longer required or have never
 been used.

We provide an end to end service offering utilising our team of business implementation consultants, software developers, and IT engineers.  Providing a wealth of knowledge, our team has implemented and supported sites for over 20 years.

Take the software selection journey with us!

The PBT journey starts with a simple conversation about your business, and then flows through the following stages, please click on each stage for more information.

It is a team effort!

Our team of 25 highly trained and experienced consultants provide a wealth of knowledge and include:

  • Business Systems Consultants who understand business processes and financial accounting.
  • Software Developers that specialise in systems integration and third party software development.
  • Network Engineers that support the platforms and optimisation of the performance of solutions.

We believe that choosing the right solution partner is as equally as important as finding the right software solution.  This will ensure a great partnership moving forward which leads to successful implementations.

Discovery Phase

We will work with your key people to:

  • Learn what your business does and future plans
  • Discuss business processes
  • What are your biggest  pains/challenges (What keeps you up at night?)
  • Establish functionality wish list
Solution Review

PBT review your requirements and establish what solution we believe business software would best fit your business.

Customised Demonstration Preparation

PBT will prepare a customised demonstration for you (with your own data where possible) addressing the specific issues identified in the discovery phase.


PBT will demonstrate the software with the key people in the business.

Discussions and questions raised and answered.


A proposal is prepared outlining:

  • Software investment
  • Implementation investment
  • Support costs
  • Custom development requirements and cost

This part is totally up to you now!!

Either way, at this point you will have all the information you need to make the best possible decision for your business. 

If we haven't, then we have failed you.


We would love to meet with you

Our passion is meeting new people and learning about their businesses. Please either give us a call on 1300 720 767 or drop us an email.