Employment Hero HR Cloud Software

Employment Hero HR Software

Employment Hero Cloud Human Resource software

Employment Hero HR offers a complete human resources management cloud solution, addressing all stages of the employee journey, including recruitment, onboarding, engagement, productivity, and achievement.  Operating within the same platform as Employment Hero Payroll, combining the two gives you and end to end HR & Payroll solution.

Employment Hero HR is a comprehensive Human Resource software that provides a range of tools and features to streamline HR processes and help businesses manage their workforce more efficiently. Employment Hero HR provides a holistic approach to managing all aspects of human resources, covering the entire employee lifecycle.

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Key Features of Employment Hero Human Resources Software

Say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork!   Employment Hero HR offers a 100% digital paper-free solution, encompassing files, policies, contracts, leave management, employee records, and timesheets. Employment Hero HR provides access to a comprehensive library of employment contracts and policies, ensuring your business stays on track with record-keeping requirements.

With Employment Hero HR, you’ll have access to a suite of engagement-boosting tools. Conduct pulse checks for invaluable employee feedback, implement reward and recognition programs to celebrate achievements, and offer comprehensive learning and development resources for personal and professional growth.

We would welcome the opportunity to give you a custom demonstration.  In the meantime, read through some of the key features Employment Hero HR has to offer.


Make managing the employee lifecycle easier for your HR department and streamline candidate management, from talent acquisition to electronic onboarding.

Electronic Onboarding

Accelerate the onboarding process with electronic contracts, policy acknowledgments and digital signattures. New hires can easily complete their employee documentation electronically, streamlining the entire onboarding experience.

Workforce Management

Have access to a library of standard and custom HR reporting about your people and Payroll/HR analytics. Compliance reporting helps you make better decisions with complete visibility on your employees information and data.

Employee Learning

Nurture your team's development, monitor their progress, and evaluate their skills. Create personalised learning paths and upload custom content, or access 1000's of courses through Online Learning Plus. Equip your team with the knowledge they need to succeed.

Swag - Employee Self Service

With no more manual HR tasks, you will have more time in your day. Employees can self serve using the Swag online app and update their own information, submit leave and timesheets for approval.

Performance Management

With features like performance reviews, one-on-one meetings, employee feedback to enhance communication and professional growth, EH HR will save you valuable time. Other features include goal-setting and collaboration, performance management plans and 360-degree reviews.

Employee Offboarding

Streamline the process of offboarding and terminating employees with just a few clicks, making it quicker and more straightforward than ever. With comprehensive checklists , workflows and automated task management EH HR ensures all important tasks are covered and completed.

Integration to Employment Hero Payroll

Unlock streamlined HR processes and seamless management of both HR and payroll tasks through our integrated solution. Improved efficiency, save valuable time, and pave the way for business success with Employment Hero.

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