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In the complex world of inventory and warehouse management, navigating challenges is imperative. With our rich experience serving hundreds of businesses, ranging from those with a modest 100 inventory lines to mammoth enterprises with over a million items, we are well-equipped to guide you through every challenge.

Inventory Replenishment: Balancing Stock and Cash Flow

Inventory replenishment is not just about restocking; it’s about optimizing stock holdings to liberate cash flow. We recognize this delicate balance and provide tailored solutions to meet diverse replenishment needs. Our inventory solutions aid in streamlining stock re-ordering processes, whether it’s based on lead times, historical sales, min/max re-order points, or current demand projections.

 What’s more, we improve procurement with automated purchase order creation, inclusive of optional approvals. By consolidating orders by suppliers, we empower businesses to harness their purchasing power. This leads to a significant reduction in manual labour and the complex spreadsheets that were once paramount to reorder predictions.

 Landed Costs: Precision in Product Costing

True product costing extends beyond the product’s base price. It encapsulates duty, freight charges, and other associated on-costs. We have honed an approach to managing Landed Costs, ensuring every cost component is factored in, offering you a genuine picture of your product’s cost.

Warehouse Automation: Mobilizing Processes

Modern warehouses demand agility. Our solutions bring mobility to crucial warehouse functions like receiving, dispatching, and picking through tablet integrations. We further bolster efficiency by integrating with freight management systems, enabling seamless customer deliveries and hassle-free label printing.

 Data-Driven Decision Making

Decisions grounded in data are decisions poised for success. We offer real-time business intelligence, analytics, and reporting, presented through dynamic dashboards. Get insights into slow-moving products, stock outages, margin reports, sales performances, and more, all aimed at elevating your inventory management strategies.

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