Cochrane’s Transport together with Progressive Business  Technologies (PBT) implemented Sage Intacct to transform their Financial business operations to improve efficiency, […]

Sage Intacct 2021 release 3 is now available.  This release provides a range of new enhancements. Check out our post to see a list of notable functions.

The Victorian Land Registry Services (VLRS) together with Progressive Business Technologies (PBT) implemented Sage
Intacct to transform their nancial business operations to improve eciency, purchasing and data visibility.

Be ready for the EOFY 2020/21 with KeyPay The End Of The Financial Year is getting closer and we encourage you to […]


The Sage Intacct Release 2-2021 has arrived Sage Intacct 2021 release 2 is coming out this weekend, May 21st.    […]

What is new in the Sybiz Vision V21.05 As you already know, Version 21 of the Sybiz Vision is focused […]

Sybiz Visipay V21 is now available This release is focused on connectivity and flexibility. There are many new features and […]


Sybiz Vision V21 is now available 2020 has presented the business world with a myriad of challenges and has highlighted […]

About the Nonprofit Finance Forum Sage Intacct has a brilliant on-demand virtual series for the nonprofit section. The sessions focus […]

PBT wins Marketing Excellence Award At the recent Sage Partner Conference, PBT won the Marketing Excellence Award for Sage Intacct.  The […]

PBT now a KeyPay Implementation and Support Partner PBT is excited to announce that we now sell, implement and support […]


Plus Software, a cloud SaaS company, has migrated it’s ERP system to Sage Intacct.  The key drivers for this move […]

PBT are here to assist you where needed to help make the best of this difficult time. We can assist […]

We are pleased to announce Nunkuwarrin Yunti has made the decision to implement Sage Intacct as their Core Financial / […]

To provide customers with greater protection, Sybiz have recently “disabled” the use of the Sybiz Super Export capability for customer […]

Sage Intacct Best in Class for Mid Market Business Capabilities and Customer Satisfaction Sage Intacct the true cloud ERP system […]

Microsoft ending support for Office 2010 Microsoft Office 2010 will reach its end of life on October 13, 2020. While […]

This release of Sybiz Vision is packed with great features that improve the user experience and functionality.  The major new […]

IMPORTANT: This DOES NOT APPLY to Vision.NET – Only to Sybiz Vision Classic A Little History If you had been […]

Sybiz Visipay Version 20 continues to make functional improvements, fixes and enhancements to the Visipay package, including Single Touch Payroll, […]

As we advised in the last quarter of 2019, Windows 7 was planned to be ‘end of life’ by Microsoft […]

Sybiz Vision V19 and Sybiz Visipay V19 have now been released You may have missed it but Sybiz v19 of […]


You have heard of, and possibly experienced the rash of ransomware attacks taking data hostage across the world. This software […]

As many of you know we run about 25 staff, with offices around Australia. While we have never been a […]

Microsoft has announced that from January 14th 2020 Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 will no […]

Many organisations need to have people access their applications remotely, over slower connections than they would otherwise have in the […]

Awareness of the Notifiable Data Breach Scheme is starting to grow among Australian business, and our clients are starting to […]

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Sybiz Vision version 18 has now been released, and we have broken down the key benefits and changes for you. […]

Over the last few years, the threat to small and medium businesses around data protection has increased dramatically. Organised Cyber […]


If you are a company of 20 or more employees, then you need to be prepared for Single Touch Payroll. […]


Read this article to see what tasks you need to perform to become Single Touch Payroll ready in Sybiz Visipay.

If you process, email or print large volumes of invoices, you will appreciate how time consuming and inefficient it can be. Depending on how you provide goods and services to your customer, a lot of customers find that you can batch process your Sales Invoices & Email or Print them to all customers in one or two steps.

Single Touch Payroll (STP) is an initiative being introduced by the ATO to provide real visibility over the accuracy and timeliness of organisations’ payroll processes.


Sybiz Vision V17 and Sybiz Visipay V17 have now been released. Please contact your BP to discuss your upgrade as there are lots of things to consider before upgrading.


The below table shows information on which versions of Microsoft SQL Server are compatible with Sage Evolution. If you have any […]

The below table shows information on which versions of Microsoft SQL Server are compatible with Sybiz Vision.Net. If you have any […]

Worldwide Cybercrime is increasing rapidly, with email being the most common avenue of threat. All of our customers are aware […]

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Sybiz Vision 16.22 (Vision.NET) is now available. As always though, please check with PBT to ensure there are no issues related to your site before upgrading. Contact PBT 1300 720 767 to discuss upgrading.

The following video demonstrates how you can raise a pre-invoice in the Sybiz Vision Job Cost module and then match the pre-invoice against the actual costs when they occur.

This video demonstrates how to write off residual costs in Sybiz Vision Job Costing.

Sage Evolution Mobility applications and a list of which devices they are currently compatible with. Speak to PBT for more info.

As of 2017/18 financial year, there accepted file formats are set to change. It is important to understand that Sybiz Vision Classic will not accommodate these changes. So, if you are using Sybiz Vision Classic (V12.80 or earlier) and need to lodge a TPAR, you will need to upgrade to the new version of Sybiz Vision (Sybiz Vision.NET) before June 30, 2018. Please contact PBT to make discuss further.

Please be advised that for customers on Sybiz Visipay that have any of the following scenarios, you must be on version 16.10 before commencing EOFY procedures.
1. Have you employed Working Holiday Makers during the 2016/17 financial year?
2. Are you claiming an FBT exemption under s57A of the FBTAA?
3. Do you pay Pension or Annuity recipients through Sybiz Visipay?

In Update 225 of Ostendo, Ostendo Freeway now has Stock transaction templates available which includes Stock Picking & Receipting. In addition to this Stock Adjustments, Stock Counts and Transfers can also now be performed. This extends the mobile functionality of Ostendo.

Sybiz has announced that from version 17 on wards of Sybiz Vision and Sybiz Visipay versions of Microsoft SQL Server from 2008 R2 (including 2008 R2) will no longer be supported. In addition for this both Vision & Visipay will also no longer operate on PC’s running Windows XP. Microsoft ceased support for Windows XP more than a year ago now.


Version 3 of TimePlus (electronic timesheet capture module) has been released and now includes finger print scanning for employee identification. TimePlus is the time capture solution for Sybiz Vision and Sybiz Visipay from Plus Software Solutions.

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Sage Evolution, the mid market ERP solution that PBT has supported for more than 10 years now is being re-branded world wide. It will now be known as Sage 200 for the enterprise version, and Sage 100 for the standard version.

Sage Evolution runs on Microsoft SQL Server. The supported versions are: SQL 2012 Server SQL 2014 Server SQL 2016 Server SQL […]

Cash Manager now sends reminder emails to customers for invoices that are coming due. You can set the number of days out from the invoice due date that you want to send upcoming reminders for.

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Snapshot BI is a dashboard based business intelligence and reporting solution that delivers significant insight into all operational areas of the business. Directly linked to Sybiz Vision and Sybiz Visipay, you get real-time, intelligent data to make informed business decisions.


Anyone in our industry can tell you Microsoft Licensing is just not simple. PBT shed some light on the different licensing options.

Recommended SQL & Remote Desktop Server Specifications for Sybiz Vision.

Ageing or ineffective ERP software often sends out warning signals that it is not as efficient or effective as it […]


In this day and age Cloud backup solutions, or Managed Online Backup solutions as we refer to them, are very […]

Online timesheet entry direct to sybiz vision job cost module and Sybiz Vision payroll modules.


Get control of your cashflow and debtors management process. We can help you automate this. Call us at PBT to find out how.

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