Advanced Business Intelligence for Sybiz Vision

dashboard reportsFor Sybiz Vision Customers that want advanced business intelligence (BI) across all areas and levels of the organisation we recommend Snapshot BI from Plus Software Solutions. The traditional model of having custom reports developed to meet requirements is out dated and an expensive way to achieve the advanced reporting requirements of our clients.

Snapshot BI is a dashboard based business intelligence and reporting solution that delivers significant insight into all operational areas of the business.  This comes without any upfront cost and a significantly reduces custom reporting  investment. In our experience, it is the most cost effective way for our customers to get the real time data that each area of their business needs to make decisions and operate with up to date and correct information.

We have worked in conjunction with Plus Software to develop a library of over 40 detailed dashboards from Management Reporting to Operational requirements for Sales, Warehouse, Purchasing, Inventory, Job Tracking, Manufacturing Analysis and much more. These dashboards are plug and play.  Directly linked into the Sybiz Vision & Visipay database and can be accessed both via a desktop application and via a web browser over the internet.

Dashboards can be customised quickly to suit specific requirements with much of the time consuming programming already completed. If you are interested in learning more about how Snapshot can solve particular information problems in your business, its worth 15 minutes of your time to have a quick look with us.

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