Sybiz Vision (SQL Version) Important information

Important Information for clients migrating to the SQL Version of Sybiz Vision

To our valued customers

Sybiz Vision LogoIf you are a valued client moving to the SQL version of Sybiz Vision please review this information. Moving to the SQL version of Sybiz Vision is an overall very positive move. There are many benefits, too many to outline here. But it’s important that you read this information. Our sales staff & consultants will have directed you to this page which contains important information about the move which we may refer to in the future.

It’s not an upgrade

Please understand that Sybiz Vision (SQL version) is a new product. While it has a lot of similarities to the original Sybiz Vision, it is not an upgrade. It is not a feature for feature copy (nor would we want it to be). It is a new program developed from the ground up with around a 60% similarity factor. Now 4 years old, it continues to have new functionality added.

It has many benefits over the old Sybiz Vision, but you will find features in the old Sybiz that are either not in the SQL version, or are done differently. We want to be clear about this, and we need you to understand that coming to us post implementation and saying there was a belief that; “you thought this was an upgrade, and cannot believe that it doesn’t have a particular feature or report in it’ isn’t something that we will be able to immediately resolve.

In an ideal world, anything that you have found to be different should be identified as part of business process testing (a stage of our implementation process) during the migration.  Sometimes however, it is not possible to identify everything.

It won’t be seamless, changing systems is always difficult at first

Moving to a new software product is never seamless, and always provides challenges in the first few months. Moving to the SQL version of Sybiz Vision does reduce the implementation time frame & cost (compared to moving to an unrelated product). This is due to the familiarity with the old system & conversion programs,  but there will still be some bumps in the road.

Custom Forms, Reports and Applications will need to be re-written

Forms & custom reports will not carry across to the SQL version of Sybiz Vision. They will need to be re-created if still required, or the same data provided by a new and improved method where appropriate. There will be a cost to this, and it’s excluded from initial estimates until the scope of requirements is understood.

All Software has Software Issues / Bugs

We don’t like software bugs anymore than you do, but they are a part of all software. You will experience a software issue at some point in time, as will any site using software in the world. Where a software issue is discovered we will report it to Sybiz to be addressed. Where we have provided services to identify or provide a work around for the issue, we will try and minimise our time, however it will be charged.

We have published these points because they are the four main points that we receive queries on during or after the implementation of the Sybiz Vision SQL version. We are honest & upfront with all our clients, and so we hope you will appreciate this communication that aims at making you informed about the change to the SQL version of Sybiz Vision.

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