Managed Spam Filtering & Web Protection

When we implemented SPAM filtering in our business, we found only 15% of emails we received were legitimate. From that 15% if someone still clicks on something that takes them to a Malware site, web protect is often successful in warning or stopping the user before it’s too late.


SPAM filtering works by sending all the email that your domain is going to receive to a giant sieve first, which uses an array of tactics to work out which emails are legitimate and should be sent on to you, and which should be quarantined.Spam Email

How accurate is it, very accurate in our opinion. At first some legitimate emails will be captured, but you get a list of these emails every few hours, and as you release them it remembers and learns this for next time. After 2 weeks you will generally find that its accuracy is exceptional.

Web Protection stops users from accidentally (or in some cases stupidly)  visiting websites that they shouldn’t. One of the main ways to catch spyware and file encryption viruses is via downloads from unsavory or false websites that are deployed to catch you. Web Protection can limit the websites that staff can visit, and detect unsavory websites. Where users do get fooled by fake emails and accidentally click a link, web protection can stop them from loading the website and becoming infected.

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