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Why Partner with PBT for Employment Hero Payroll

At Progressive Business Technologies, we specialise in providing practical solutions to streamline your implementation of Employment Hero Payroll. Our focus is on delivering managed Employment Hero Payroll implementation and support services, and providing value add solutions beyond the standard.

These solutions include:

  • Tailored Employment Hero implementation and support services that cover every aspect of your payroll journey. Our team of experienced professionals brings a wealth of practical knowledge to the table. We have an in-depth understanding of the nuances of Employment Hero Payroll across a wide range of industries and Australian Modern Awards, allowing us to guide you in making the most of its features to suit your specific needs.

  • Integration services of Employment Hero Payroll (via the API) to other systems to streamline processes and reduce errors.

  • Extended reporting solutions on Employment Hero data (via Power BI and Other BI Tools)


Why Choose Our Employment Hero Support Services?

We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive and Our responsive support system is dedicated to resolving any issues promptly, ensuring your operations run smoothly.

Elevate your payroll experience with Progressive Business Technologies. Contact us today to start a conversation about how we can simplify your payroll management using Employment Hero Payroll.

Curious to learn more? Keep scrolling to find out why Progressive Business Technologies is the preferred choice for EH Payroll implementation.

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Employment Hero’s Employment Hero Payroll is a comprehensive solution that centralises and automates complex payroll tasks, ensuring efficiency and compliance for businesses.

Our commitment to customer service and dedication to your success will streamline your Employment Hero Payroll experience. Contact us today.

A Cloud-Based Payroll Solution

Employment Hero Payroll offers a state-of-the-art cloud-based payroll system, previously known as Keypay. It provides employee-related processes such as rostering, timesheets, award interpretation and leave management into a single platform. The software is designed to simplify the data flow from employees to payroll providing benefit organisations looking to streamline operations and cut costs.

Accessibility and Convenience The true cloud-based nature of the Employment Hero Payroll means businesses can access and manage payroll tasks anytime and from anywhere.

Key Features

Automated Pay Runs: Facilitates complete automation from timesheet entries to ATO reporting, making payroll management efficient.

Employee Self Service: Enables employees to access and manage their payroll-related data, from leave requests to viewing payslips.

Award Interpretation: Comes with pre-configured modern awards to ensure correct and compliant pay structures.

Time & Attendance: Streamlines the process of timesheet recording, ensuring readiness for managerial approvals.

Staff Rostering: Provides a user-friendly scheduling tool that negates the need for manual spreadsheet rosters.

Electronic Onboarding: Offers a hassle-free online onboarding experience for new hires, automating most paperwork.

Advanced Automation Features

Payroll and Super Calculations: Capable of calculating pay rates, tax, and superannuation details. Just input timesheets, and Employment Hero Payroll ensures compliant pay runs.

Award Updates: The software automatically updates award structures each financial year, ensuring businesses stay compliant.

Automated Timesheets: Employees can enter timesheet data, which Employment Hero Payroll translates into pay run details.

Leave Management: Tailored to manage various leave entitlements scenarios for diverse employment types.

Termination Calculations: Accurate calculations of entitlements during employee offboarding based on ATO guidelines.

Earnings Distribution: Facilitates distributing employee earnings across different locations or cost centres, enhancing report accuracy.

Why Partner with PBT for Employment Hero Payroll?

When implementing Employment Hero Payroll, it can be tempting due to cost considerations to contemplate a DIY or a basic ‘guided implementation’ approach. Here are some reasons why prospective EH Payroll clients should consider partnering with us for an enriched implementation experience:

1. Expertise and Experience

 Implementing EH Payroll requires a deep understanding of payroll processes, Australian Modern Awards, Enterprise Agreements, and system configuration.

We provide expert project managers and consultants with deep experience in these matters and in the nuances of EH Payroll. They know how to plan and execute a smooth and efficient implementation that mitigates risk, avoids common pitfalls, and minimizes disruption to your business operations.

With us, you are not just buying a software solution, but an entire team of professionals committed to making your implementation successful.

2. Customised Award Assistance

EH Payroll is powerful, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s flexible and customizable but configuring it to meet your specific needs can be complex, especially when it comes to award customisation.

We provide deep assistance in this area, working with you to understand your specific needs and configure the system to meet them. This ensures you get the most out of your EH Payroll investment.

3. Data Migration Assistance

If you are migrating from an existing payroll system to EH Payroll, PBT can assist with the data migration process. We have experience in transferring employee data, historical records, leave balances, pay rates, and more. This ensures that you don’t lose any critical information during the transition, minimizing disruptions and ensuring continuity.

4. Comprehensive Training

Implementing a new payroll system isn’t just about technology—it’s about people. And people need training to understand and effectively use new systems. We provide comprehensive training for your team, ensuring everyone knows how to use EH Payroll to its full potential.

This enhances the productivity of your team, reduces the chance of errors, and ensures your staff can handle payroll tasks confidently and efficiently.

5. Full-Service Approach

With a DIY or basic guided implementation approach, you may find yourself with unanswered questions and unexpected challenges. Our full-service approach means we’re with you every step of the way, from initial planning and implementation through to ongoing support.

We’re not just your technology provider—we’re your partner. We’re invested in your success and we’re here to provide the assistance and expertise you need when you need it.

6. Long-term Support

After the implementation, we provide continuous support and maintenance services, ensuring the solution evolves with your business and keeps running smoothly.

Choosing us as your implementation partner for EH Payroll means you’re opting for a smoother, more personalized, and value-driven journey towards a robust payroll, rostering and timesheeting system.

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