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Sage Intacct is a true cloud ERP software solution. As a best-of-breed cloud financial solution, Sage Intacct will give you real-time visibility and allow your team to make data-driven decisions.

Sage Intacct cloud ERP helps organisations grow. But don’t take our word for it. The global G2 site consistently rates Sage Intacct financials as #1 in customer satisfaction.

As a leading Sage business partner for Sage Intacct, Australia, PBT has a wealth of experience over 23 years across a broad range of industries. We would welcome a discussion with you about Sage Intacct cloud ERP & Financial software and how it can help your organisation. We provide both implementation support, as well as ongoing support.

What is Sage Intacct?

Sage Intacct is a highly configurable financial management solution built as a true cloud platform.

Sage Intacct Core Accounting delivers Multi-Entity, Multi-Book & Multi-Dimensional Solution with Domestic & Global Consolidation across companies as straightforward or complex as you like.

With best-of-breed infrastructure, Sage Intacct provides a technology solution that allows sharing of data with other external solutions (like Keypay & Salesforce) without substantial development costs.

Need Support?

We have  committed ourselves to understanding Sage Intacct inside out. As a Sage Intacct Business Partner, we’re here to help support you.


Our support services include:

Learn about the full advantages of our Sage Intacct Support can offer, or simply complete our contact form below and a member of our team will be in touch.

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Sage Intacct Business Management Software

Every industry is faced with its own set of unique requirements. Sage Intacct delivers a flexible platform to overcome these industry-specific challenges.

Not for Profit

Sage Intacct helps Not for profit organisations unlock the power of real-time data and automation to become more strategic in their analysis, planning, and decision-making processes. Real time data.

Project Accounting

Sage Intacct delivers an integrated and in-depth Project Costing solution that suits businesses needing to track, manage and automate client and in-house projects. Deliver projects on time and within budget.

Professional Services

For organisations that work on a Project Basis, Sage Intacct provides a complete Project Management Solution from Costing Time & Expenses, Project Billing, Global Consolidations and Project Profitability.

Wealth & Asset Management

The demands of reporting across a broad range of stakeholders is challenging. Sage Intacct automates consolidating accounts across entities for financial reporting, inter-entity transactions, and statistical reporting.

Software as a Service

Sage Intacct helps SaaS organisations to reduce the billing cycle and increase cash flow significantly. Sage Intacct subscription revenue recognition and Contract Billing delivers accurate cashflow forecasting.

Wholesale & Inventory

With Sage Intacct, you can configure the amount of complexity you want around your stock tracking, from simple single warehouse environments to complex Multi Warehouse, Multi-Bin environments.

Sage Intacct #1 with Gartner & G2

Sage Intacct, a true cloud ERP solution from Sage continues to dominate and achieve strong industry recognition. Sage has maintained their lead in Gartner’s Critical Capabilities report for Lower Midsize Enterprise, for the 3rd year in a row.

PBT is excited about the development path of Sage Intacct, moving into AI (artificial Intelligence) services while building out existing modules to provide a very compelling offering for our Australian customers, and the market in general.

Best in Class for Mid Market Business Capabilities and Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction, as rated by existing customers is a key criterion that Sage focuses on with Sage Intacct, and Sage Intacct continues to lead the market in this area. 

G2, the Customer review site has once again awarded Sage Intacct first place for the Satisfaction, Product Direction and Net Promoter Score (how likely a user is to recommend the product to another organisation). 

Since 2015 Sage Intacct has placed 1st in these categories.

Sage Intacct Project Accounting Software

Project Costing & Accounting

PBT is one of the leading partners for Sage Intacct Australia with a wealth of experience working with businesses that require project costing and accounting.

Sage Intacct delivers an integrated and in-depth Project Costing solution that suits businesses with a need to track, manage and automate client and inhouse projects. The Sage Intacct Project Accounting solution at its core brings everything together against a Project for complete insight.

  • Project Budgeting & Costing
  • Resource Management
  • Time Entry
  • Stock Allocation
  • Project Purchases
  • Project Billing
  • Revenue Recognition

It enables Project Managers and Staff to have complete visibility of the Project Status, Financial Picture, Resource Planning and easily monitor the Project versus Budget through the project’s stages. It enables your organisation to foresee project issues and react to ensure they are adequately resourced, can be delivered on time, and within cost.

Project Budgeting, Costing & Resource Management

The budgeting power for Projects in the Sage Intacct module is second to none, with the ability to budget all components of a project by multiple dimensions, like stage, location and department.

The ability to have multiple budget revisions as you move through the project and present progress of Actuals against Budgets & revised Budgets in Dashboards to Project Managers deliver real-time information to them, enabling them to make decisions to effectively manage your projects.

Project Billing & Revenue Recognition

When it comes to Project Billing, clients use a combination of different invoicing methods including Fixed Price, Cost Plus, Progress Claims, and often there are timing implications of receiving project revenue. Sage Intacct caters for all project invoicing options, and can automatically manage revenue recognition and Work in Progress throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Project Time Capture & Tracking

Staff can easily record their time against projects from any location, which can follow an approval process with Project Managers approving timesheets seamlessly. Timesheets are then automatically costed and allocated to the correct Projects.

Staff Labour hours can be both billable or non billable, with flexibility around calculating and costing both direct and indirect labour costs. Labour can be analysed in real time to measure how your staff are tracking across the project stages and to budget via dashboards.

Full-Featured Costing & Resource Management

With Sage Intacct Project Accounting, you can manage Staff Resources, Costs, Charge out rates, and their allocation to Projects easily. Projects can be broken down into Stages and Tasks, with the ability to estimate and budget each task, automatically rolling up to give you accurtae Project Estimates. Staff can be setup as resources and allocated to tasks, where you can manage and anlyse projects through Ghantt Charts and Dashboard style reports.

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Sage Intacct FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Sage Intacct is an intelligent, automated cloud-based financial management solution, also known as an Accounting ERP, that has been designed to be used by specific industries, allowing a faster set-up process and a shorter turnaround for ROI.

It offers a range of advanced functionalities, including Multi-Entity Support, Mutli-Dimension Data Analysis, Domestic & Global Consolidated Reporting, Order Management with Workflows, Revenue Recognition, Banking, Analytics and much more.

It has everything you need to manage your financial data, manage clients and suppliers and offer an open ecosystem that allows finance teams to ensure compliant reporting.

Sage Intacct is widespread across many industries. Many Sage Intacct customers includes non-profits, NDIS Providers, Healthcare, Professional Services, Real Estate and the construction industry.
It allows greater connectivity between teams, with real-time reporting to increase efficiency and productivity. PBT work with many non-profit organisations and provide advice on how Sage Intacct can help streamline compliance requirements.

As a leading Australian Sage business partner, PBT offers exceptional Sage Intacct Support.

We can help you with everything from the initial implementation of a cost-effective best-in-class system that meets your business needs to educating your team on functions and getting the best out of workflows.

If you need Sage Intacct implementation support, PBT, or assistance with sage Intacct, please get in touch with our customer support today and we will be able to help with your business needs.

Sage Intacct implementation costs will vary by the size of your company and which modules you need to implement. Integrations and custom APIs to add advanced functionality can also influence pricing. As a Sage customer, you will have annual licensing costs, all of which PBT can advise of during a consultation.

It’s a highly intuitive tool that offers absolute financial reporting agility and brings real-time decision-making capabilities. Having accurate insights to make data-driven decisions allows many of our clients to scale, increasing annual revenue as part of this growth.

It’s worth speaking to us about your long-term business goals and how increasing financial reporting efficiencies can have a powerful on flow to other areas of your organisational goals.

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