Snapshot Live

Snapshot Live: Fast Effective Business Intelligence

In today’s fast-paced business environment, having quick access to crucial information is paramount. Snapshot Live is designed to address this very need, offering instant, visual dashboards to individuals and teams, ensuring they have important business data at their fingertips, anytime and anywhere.

Key Features of Snapshot Live:

Instant Setup: With Snapshot Live, you’re not starting from scratch. The platform offers an immediate library of dashboards as soon as your Business System is connected. This ensures that users can get started without the hassle of creating their initial dashboards.

Ease of Installation and Use: The process is straightforward – download Snapshot, connect it to your Business System using the Plus.Live Data Connector, and you’re good to go! This user-friendly approach ensures that even those without a technical background can open, drill down, filter, and share information within mere minutes.

Pre-built and Custom Dashboards: Unlike many Business Intelligence (BI) solutions that present you with a daunting “blank piece of paper” for dashboard design, Snapshot offers Community Dashboards. What’s even more exciting is that these dashboards utilise your own data. However, if customization is your preference, the platform allows you to design a dashboard from scratch or modify an existing Community Dashboard to meet your unique business requirements.

Endless Dashboard Creation: The capabilities of Snapshot Live don’t stop at the provided dashboards. Users can craft a range of new dashboards using data from their Business System or any other Cloud or SQL source. The platform’s flexibility ensures that you can dashboard any data, regardless of its source, at any time.

Automated Scheduling: Snapshot Live takes automation to the next level. Users can set up dashboards to automatically send relevant information to designated recipients at specified intervals. By setting a recurring date and time, you ensure that the right people have the right data when they need it, without any manual intervention.


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