Integrated NDIS Solutions to Enhance Efficiency and Client Care

Our ready-to-deploy platform seamlessly integrates MYP, Sage Intacct, and Employment Hero, not only transforming backend operations but also setting a new standard for operational excellence in NDIS organisations.

Integrated NDIS Solutions

Improving NDIS Operations with MYP, Sage Intacct, and Employment Hero.

At PBT, we’re leading the way in innovation for NDIS organisations, utilising our industry expertise and our strategic partnership with MYP, Sage and Employment Hero to deliver an all-encompassing, integrated NDIS solution tailored for NDIS organisations. This integrated NDIS solution brings together Client Management & Compliance, Finance, Payroll, and HR functions into a seamless, integrated solution.

For NDIS providers who recognise the need to meet rising participant and NDIS demands, our solution provides a proven path forward to transform your organisation and improve client outcomes. Our Integrated approach provides three leading solutions – MYP, Sage Intacct, and Employment Hero, combined with our “ready-to-deploy” platform, to ensure smooth data exchange across these software solutions. This streamlines backend operations, provides best-of-breed functionality, and significantly enhances the quality of service your team provides.

Our approach is holistic, offering a complete, integrated solution for NDIS and Aged Care Organisations including the implementation of Sage Intacct and Employment Hero, and our integration platform between the solutions. This provides organisations with the ability to lift their operational efficiency and improve client care in a shorter and more cost effictive timeframe. 

We’ve carefully considered where each operational function is best performed, but our solutions can meet the unique needs of each organisation, offering the flexibility to tailor the integration as required.

Our solution provides a scalable foundation for future growth, empowering organisations to grow, and respond to emerging needs, expanding their range of services without incurring significant additional overheads.  Our vision goes beyond operational improvements; it’s about enriching organisational culture, boosting productivity, and elevating client satisfaction through successful and efficient delivery of services.

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Cost & Time Savings

Scalability for Growth

Streamlined Processes

Operational Efficiency

Enhanced Service

Sync Clients from MYP to Sage Intacct

Sync client data including new and update details from MYP to Sage Intacct, to ensure client data is consistent across both platforms. Reduce the risk of data entry errors, and duplication of records, and ensure all departments have access to the same, up-to-date information.

Sync Timesheets - MYP & Employment Hero

Syncing timesheets between MYP and Employment Hero allows the SCHADS award (and others) to be interpreted in Employment Hero, assists with compliance, and minimises the chances of data entry errors and record duplication, providing your payroll and finance teams more time to focus whats important.

Sync Client invoices from MYP to Sage Intacct

Sync client invoices from MYP to Sage Intacct simplifying the billing process and automating invoice generation process and management in your financial system.This reduces manual effort and improves efficiency. This can lead to faster billing cycles and improved cash flow.

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