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Engineering & Fabrication Software to track your projects and jobs.

At PBT we have worked with many companies across the engineering and fabrication industry.  We understand that it is important to have accurate job costing information at your fingertips so you can identify the true costs and profitability of your jobs.  Our job costing software solutions address the challenges associated with recording and capturing this data from quoting, costing, procuring, dispatching and invoicing in a timely and efficient manner.  We can work with you to improve the management of this process.

Our Job Costing software reporting solutions give you visibility across each of your jobs.  In an instant you can spot labour and stock over-runs, see that purchases orders (stock) has not been received against a job, see the profitability of each stage of the job and more. This is not only and engineering software solution or a fabrication solution, but rather a job costing software solution that extends across a broad range of industries.

Take a deeper look at our understanding of the engineering/fabrication and jobbing industry.

Is it your Job to get the job done right?

If you are in the engineering/fabrication or job -cost industry, then you really need to speak to us.  We can help streamline your processes and give you great control over your jobs.

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