VOIP & Cloud PABX Systems

MaxoTelWe use and recommend MaxoTel’s Cloud PABX  solution for our clients which provides fantastic phone system functions and will save our clients thousands on their phone call costs.

In mid 2016, NBN became available at our offices and our search began for our new phone system. We cautiously reviewed and tested a number of providers for suitability & reliability. We knew that we could save thousands if we could find a reliable provider and our extensive search led us to MaxoTel.

How it works?

Instead of installing an On Premise PABX System, you simply utilise a Cloud PABX system that is hosted by MaxoTel.  You access it via a website, and configure it to your needs, (which we will help you do). You subscribe to a plan, which gives you a combination of the number of lines (concurrent phone calls) & number of connected handsets that you require. You then purchase SIP phones (which work just the same as normal office phones) and connect them to your network so that they have access to the internet, and link them to the MaxoTel system. After some testing, we port across your existing phone numbers, and you’re up and running. (Review our detailed migration steps here).

Why we recommend MaxoTel?

We recommend Maxotel, because they had a diverse range of plan options suiting business of all sizes. Their offering that saved us ten’s of thousands of dollars a year over using our previous phone provider, and since mid 2016, we have had very few problems. Their support has been responsive and helpful when required.


Pricing Plans

You can view MaxoTel’s Pricing plans here, for more information.

To discuss your specific requirements and please contact us and we can take you through a check list to identify the right plan and options for your business.