Streamline your NDIS operations with Integrated Solutions to Enhance Efficiency and Client Care

Our seamlessly integrated platform combines NDIS Client Management Solutions, Sage Intacct, and Employment Hero, revolutionising backend operations and setting a new standard for operational excellence in NDIS organisations.

Software & Integration Solutions for NDIS & Age Card Organisations

At PBT, we understand the complex operational landscape in which NDIS & Aged Care organisations operate to provide exceptional care and support daily. In this digital age, the key to overcoming these hurdles lies not just in utilising the right Client Management, Finance, and Payroll/HR Solution, but in embracing integration between these solutions to provide an efficient, compliant, and error-free platform for growth.

At PBT, we utilise Sage Intacct & Employment Hero Payroll and HR, integrated with a number of Industry Leading client management solutions to provide a holistic solution for NDIS and Age Care providers. This solution allows organisations to meet and overcome their challenges including:

  • Complexity in Compliance
    Meeting stringent and ever evolving regulatory requirements and ensuring compliance with NDIS guidelines is a constant challenge for organisations. ​
  • Fragmented Data Management
    Siloed data across various systems and platforms often leads to inefficiencies, inaccuracies, and difficulties in data sharing and reporting.
  • Limitations on Organisational Growth
    Operational inefficiencies put limitations on service providers’ growth without incurring significant additional overhead costs.​
  • Resource Management
    Optimising resource allocation, including staff scheduling, financial management, and procurement, can be complex and time-consuming.
  • Service Delivery Coordination
    Coordinating services and support delivery across multiple stakeholders while maintaining quality and efficiency can pose significant logistical challenges.

Overcoming NDIS Operational Challenges with Integrated Software Solutions

Operational Excellence for NDIS Organisations

PBT is at the forefront of innovation for NDIS organisations, harnessing our industry expertise to provide a comprehensive, end-to-end NDIS solution tailored specifically to their needs. This solution seamlessly integrates Client Management & Compliance, Finance, Payroll, and HR functions into an efficient and streamlined solution.

Ready to Deploy Integrated Platform

For NDIS providers who recognise the need to meet more complex participant and NDIS demands, our solution provides a proven path forward to transform your organisation and improve client outcomes. Our integrated approach addresses the three key pillars of operational functions for NDIS organisations:

  • Client Management
  • Financial Management
  • Payroll & HR

Our “ready-to-deploy” platform, ensures smooth data exchange across these software solutions. This streamlines backend operations provides best-of-breed functionality and significantly enhances the quality of service your team provides.


Our solution provides a scalable foundation for future growth,  The platform empowers organisations to grow, respond to complex and emerging needs, and expand their range of services without incurring significant additional overheads.  Our vision goes beyond operational improvements; it’s about enriching organisational culture, boosting productivity, and elevating client satisfaction through the successful and efficient delivery of services.


Cost & Time Savings

Scalability for Growth

Streamlined Processes

Operational Efficiency

Enhanced Service

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Let’s embark on a journey to transform your organisation, elevate client care, and pave the way for sustainable growth. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to future-proof your NDIS business.

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