What is new in the Sybiz Visipay Version 23?

What is new in the Sybiz Visipay Version 23?

In Sybiz Visipay 23, the minimum supported versions of Microsoft SQL Server have been updated from 2012 to 2017. If a user attempts to upgrade to version 23.00 with a version of SQL Server that does not meet these requirements, they will receive a message indicating that their database must be upgraded to a compatible version before the upgrade can continue.

For the best performance and longest lifespan, we recommend that users upgrading their Microsoft SQL Server choose the latest version available at the time of the upgrade, rather than simply meeting the minimum supported version requirements. Upgrading to the latest version will provide additional features and capabilities that can improve the performance of your system.

Read more about these new features and enhancements below.

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New Features

Manage Password Security in a new way

system administrators can now set warnings in Visipay to alert users if their chosen password is insecure, inappropriate for their requirements, or has been compromised in some way. They can also enforce the use of certain types of characters and a minimum password length for stronger, company-wide security.

Additionally, system administrators can now request that all users change their password on their next login. This is useful in situations where there has been a security issue within the business, or when setting up password constraints for the first time.

This feature is not automatically enabled for existing customers who are upgrading, but it will be turned on by default for new companies or new installations. It applies to the Visipay ESS mobile app and can be enabled in the File > Settings > Password Constraints menu. (CR110913664).

Microsoft Windows Authentication 

users can use their Microsoft Windows Authentication for login to Visipay, if configured by system administrators. This allows for additional layers of protection for your data, using multi-factor authentication methods. This is especially useful when working off-site and makes logging in easier for employees. By using Windows Authentication, users do not need to remember separate login credentials for Sybiz Visipay.

Restrictions on changing ABN

To reduce potential issues with STP2, Sybiz 23 has introduced new restrictions for changing the Company Name and ABN in a database in Visipay. If the ABN is changed, a warning will be displayed to notify the user that they need to process a zero update event via the ATO Transfer option. This helps to ensure that STP2 reporting remains accurate and compliant. (CR2207-0840)

STP2 & Sybiz Visipay Version 23

Sybiz Visipay 22.10 included several changes to help customers prepare for STP2. Sybiz Visipay 23.00 includes further updates, including the ability to report STP2.

During the upgrade process, new employee data requirements will be automated, but it is still important to check employee records, especially those that are not regular employees, such as working holiday makers. In most cases, additional pay items will need to be added, and Other Allowance pay items should be reviewed to complete their configuration or reclassify them. New allowances may also need to be created. It is important to ensure that all employee records are accurate and up to date in order to comply with STP2 requirements.


And there are many,  many more enhancements…..
To review the full list of enhancements, visit the Sybiz website.

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