Sage Evolution Batch Invoicing, Printing or Emailing Documents

Would you benefit by a more efficient end of day or end of month Sales Invoice processing, emailing or printing process?

If you process, email or print large volumes of invoices, you will appreciate how time consuming and inefficient it can be. Depending on how you provide goods and services to your customer, a lot of customers find that you can batch process your Sales Invoices & Email or Print them to all customers in one or two steps.

In situations where Sales Orders or Invoices have had Quantities confirmed on them, there is no need to process the Sales Invoices individually. You can select a range of invoices, right click and Batch Process, which validates and process them all in one step.

At the completion of processing them, you can then email or print all of them in one step. It’s important to note that you cannot complete this process if you have Serial or Lot Tracked Items that are being sold.

The most important benefit of batch processing is that it allows you to handle large volumes of documents quickly. Batching, thereby minimises the amount of individual attention that is required for the task, which means no more processing or sending emails individually.

If you would like some assistance on how to set this process up, please give us a call on 1300 720 767 or send us an email at There are some detailed steps that we can take you through that will make it easier to transition to batch invoicing and emailing or printing.

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