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Unlocking Efficiency: Discover Employment Hero's Latest HR & Payroll Innovations

In the ever-evolving landscape of workforce management, staying ahead means embracing innovative solutions that streamline operations and empower employees. This article explores the latest advancements across Employment Hero Payroll & HR, from recruitment to employee management and beyond. Let’s delve into how these cutting-edge features can revolutionise your organisation’s processes and drive efficiency and productivity.

Smartmatch Smartens Up

Enhance your recruitment process with the upgraded SmartMatch features, now equipped with new functionalities to expedite finding the ideal candidates for your business needs:

  • Discover candidates who have shown interest in your company and roles
  • Stay organized with the new SmartMatch dashboard, allowing you to track top roles, saved searches, and preview interested candidates seamlessly—all accessible via Recruitment > SmartMatch, providing a comprehensive overview and empowering efficient hiring decisions.
  • AI is now available for Shout-Outs & Job Descriptions all a the click of a button.


Hero AI

Hero AI, an employee-oriented bot provides a comprehensive question-and-answer framework that simplifies complex policy documents into easily accessible and understandable formats.

Hero AI safeguards your time by deflecting repetitive inquiries, enabling you to concentrate on your mission-critical tasks, while your employees gain instant access to answers regarding your business employment policies.

HR Metrics Dashboard

Accessible through trial for Premium and Platinum subscriptions, the HR Metrics widget offers an immediate overview of your organisation’s HR status, featuring customisable filters and real-time updates for enhanced insights, covering key metrics such as salary distributions and turnover calculations, enabling more efficient decision-making.

Clock In & Out with Swag

Now, employees can conveniently clock in and out using the Clock In and Out feature in the Swag app, which automatically generates a timesheet based on their entries, enabling them to record their start and end shift times, log breaks taken during the workday, modify work type and location as necessary, and include any pertinent notes with their clock-in submissions.


Multi-level approvals for Expense & Leave workflows

Streamline employee expense management with the new feature for Platinum customers, automating expense approvals through customisable workflows tailored to your business needs, enabling multi-level approvals and automated logic definition to expedite processing, while also introducing Leave Workflows for flexible leave request approval automation, available in open beta now.

Upgrade to Certifications

Certifications has been overhauled to provide the flexibility you desire, allowing easy editing of certification names, descriptions, and more without having to begin anew, while also enabling tracking of all changes through version history.

Sage Intacct Integration

Introducing a seamless integration feature: securely sync information between Employment Hero and your Sage Intacct account effortlessly. Easily import chart of accounts, tax codes, classes, and departments from Sage, then map them to locations in Employment Hero, streamlining your processes and eliminating data duplication.

Automate Google Workspace & Microsoft 365 Accounts for Onboarding and Offboarding Employees with Workflows.

Simplify onboarding and offboarding processes with ease. Introducing software provisioning, enabling effortless setup of workflows to create company email addresses for new hires or suspend access for terminated employees on Google Workspace or Microsoft 365. Streamline account management for both employees and administrators, making onboarding and offboarding smoother than ever.

Induction content and policies can now be set up to be acknowledged annually

Enable renewal and acknowledgment of induction content and policies either once or annually. When set to yearly, documents will be marked as required, triggering email notifications for employees to acknowledge them one year from the existing acknowledgment date.

If you would like to know more about any of the above features, please give us a call.


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