Updates for Sybiz Vision V24

What's New in Sybiz Vision Version 24?

This article outlines a sub-set of the Sybiz Vision Version 24 new features.  For a full list, the new features, enhancements, fixes and improvements, visit the Sybiz website.

Combine multiple Service Requests

Sybiz 24 introduces the capability to consolidate multiple Service Items into a single Service Request. This feature seamlessly integrates with the new Vision Service mobile app. Users can now link service requests together within the Sybiz Vision desktop service scheduler through simple drag-and-drop actions, or via maintenance options in service requests. This enhancement is particularly good for customers handling multiple items during the same scheduled appointment.

Disputed Customer Transactions

Sybiz 24 introduces the ability to easily designate sales invoices, job costed invoices, and advanced service transactions as “in dispute.” This functionality enables users to clearly indicate to others that there is an outstanding issue with the customer that needs resolution.

During the dispute period, the invoice is excluded from reports, although payments can still be processed against it. Optionally, disputed transactions can be excluded from finance charges, customer statements, and customer offsets, if configured accordingly.

Once the issue with the invoice has been resolved, users can efficiently mark the transaction as resolved either from the Debtors > Sales Management section or directly from customer inquiry screens. This feature streamlines the management of disputed customer transactions, enhancing overall efficiency and clarity in the resolution process.

Ability to Associate Contact Person for CRM Case Files and Activities.

This enhancement proves beneficial in various scenarios such as when additional information is necessary, contact is required for follow-up or reporting purposes, or when the Case File or Activity is strictly internal and not linked to a specific Customer or Supplier. This feature adds flexibility and depth to CRM management, facilitating smoother communication and organisation.

Ability to across 5 General Ledger Years

In the latest version of Sybiz Vision, users can now conduct transactions across five General Ledger years, an automatic increase from the previous limit of three. This enhancement provides users with extended flexibility and capability in managing their financial operations within the system.

Tabbed Pages in Custom Dashboard Designer

Enhancements have been introduced to the custom dashboard designer, allowing users to now create tabbed pages within both new and existing dashboards. This expanded functionality optimises dashboard space usage, enabling users to present more data visually in a more efficient manner.

Estimated Work Time for Service Requests

Version 24 has the capability for users to set an estimated duration of work for service requests, enhancing the scheduling process for service technicians in Sybiz. Users can now streamline scheduling by setting an estimated work time for service requests, which can also be adjusted as needed. This feature facilitates better planning and allocation of resources, ultimately improving efficiency in service operations.

Alternate products column on all grids that allow product selection

The alternate product column has now been added to all grids that allow product selection, allowing stock levels in all locations to be displayed and enabling the user to make an informed decision on which alternate product is best.

Sort and Filter Contacts Quicker

Experience quicker sorting and filtering of contacts with the new customization option on the customer contact enquiry screen. Users can now navigate through customer contacts, saving preferred filtering and sorting options to their individual user state. This feature enables users to personalise their contact display for optimal efficiency, providing a seamless and tailored experience.

Sort and Filter Contacts Quicker

You can now use data other than code or name, such as phone number or email from transactions to search for contacts.  You can also set up search parameters in Debtor Defaults.

More characters available in Contact fields

The character limit for the Position fields in Supplier and Customer contacts has been extended from 25 to 50 characters.

Merge multiple accepted quotes into a single order

Users now have a simpler method to combine accepted quotes into a single sales order. With the latest update, users can multi-select sales quotes when adding documents for a specific customer, such as sales quotes. This enhancement streamlines the process, enabling users to efficiently compile multiple quotes into a single sales order with ease.

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