Sybiz Vision Classic – End of Life Information

IMPORTANT: This DOES NOT APPLY to Vision.NET – Only to Sybiz Vision Classic

A Little History

If you had been with some of our team back in 1995 sitting in the training rooms of Sybiz Software on Angas Street in Adelaide, then you’d have witnessed the birth of Sybiz Vision “Classic” – in the same year as the release of Microsoft Windows 95 – both of which issued in a new era of personal computing productivity.

Technology has evolved at a rapid pace in that time, and very little of the technology around from back then is still being used today – except Sybiz Vision “Classic”!

Having served us well for almost 26 years, Sybiz Vision Classic is now entering it’s twilight years.  Having been replaced over seven years ago with a modern version of Sybiz Vision or as we commonly call it “Vision.NET”, it is now nearing the time where if you haven’t already, it is time to take the plunge.

Before you become a little anxious – there will be ample time to migrate to the latest version. Please find below the information regarding Sybiz End of Life dates.

End of Development - Sybiz Vision Classic

Sybiz have announced that there will be no further development / fixes /security patches for Sybiz Vision Classic from the end of this year, December 2020. Your Sybiz Vision Classic install will continue to work, there just wont be any resolution if you encounter a problem that requires a code change.

End of Support - Sybiz Vision Classic

There will be no further support provided by Sybiz from December 2021. We may still be able to assist you in certain cases, but it’s our belief that all customers should no longer be using Sybiz Vision Classic by December 2021.

End of Software Unlock - Sybiz Vision Classic

Some time ago, Sybiz announced that they would cease providing unlocks for any version older than ten years since release.

What this means is that you would need to upgrade before this date to continue to use the product in your business, either to a newer version of “Classic” or to the newer “Vision.NET”.

Version End of Unlocks
8 and below December 2018
9 December 2019
10 December 2020
11 December 2021

There will be no further unlocks for Sybiz Vision Classic after December 2024. However the software Sybiz Vision “Classic” will continue to function – even if locked – in a way that will allow you to continue to “read” and “access” your data – just not process any “transactions” – indefinitely – Technology permitting**!!

What options do you have if you are still using Sybiz Vision Classic?

Migrate to Vision.NET – the current Sybiz product which has superseded Vision “Classic” almost eight years ago.

Customers’ on Sybiz Cover are entitled to upgrade their Sybiz software without having to “re-purchase” licensing for their existing Sybiz modules.  They will benefit from the latest technology, and join many satisfied customer who have already made the move to the latest version.

Not sure what is the best option for your business moving forward?

Please make contact with us, and we can have ageneral discussion about your requirements and path forward.

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