Ostendo Freeway Warehousing Available in Update 225

Stock Transaction now available through Ostendo Freeway

In Update 225 of Ostendo, Ostendo Freeway now has Stock transaction templates available which includes Stock Picking & Receipting. In addition to this, Stock Adjustments, Stock Counts and Transfers can now be performed. These new templates enable clients to utilise Ostendo Freeway which is Ostendo’s mobility solution to perform these transactions via android tablets or phones.

Users have the option of using Bar Code scanning if they have implemented bar code against their product codes or use the manual entry method of selecting products. The ftransactions are performed live in Ostendo in real time.  This means there is no syncing or delay with updated data allowing the users to always see accurate stock information. Users can drill down into product lines to display additional information which includes pictures of products and available stock levels.

Further updates will be made in the coming releases to the Warehousing Modules and other areas of Freeway.

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