Notifiable Data Breach Scheme Information

Awareness of the Notifiable Data Breach Scheme is starting to grow among Australian business, and our clients are starting to wonder how it may effect them. It’s not something to panic about, but it is something to take seriously. The intent of the scheme is to build consumer and business confidence in the handling of personally identifiable information.

The scheme applies to all businesses and not for profits that have an annual turnover greater than $3 million. If your organisation does have personally identifiable information breached, it requires you to assess the likelihood of serious harm being caused and whether remedial action can be taken to prevent the risk of serious harm. Depending on the outcome, you will be obligated to notify those effected and the Australian Information Commissioners office.

We have gathered some information here on the Notifiable Data Breach Scheme for our clients to review, starting with this Office of Australia Information Commissioner PDF that provides some case studies as examples.

More information from the OAIC can be located here

And of further interest the OAIC provides quarterly reports on the number of Data Breaches reported to them which can be found here.

We will continue to monitor any changes in the scheme, and always encourage our clients to take IT security seriously, no matter what size of business you are.

We offer a range of IT Security measures starting vulnerability and assessment scanning.

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