Measuring Employee Productivity in a Job Workshop Environment with Sybiz Vision

online timesheetsOne of the most frequent objectives our clients that use Sybiz Job Costing for Project and Job based activity tracking & invoicing is the ability to track employee productivity.  Further to this, they want to  measure actual labour hours versus estimated labour hours by job stage or cost centre.

We implement a solution called Time Plus from Plus Software Solutions that allows Time capture via 6 different entry screens (to suit all operational scenarios).  Time Plus interprets and posts actual work hours for  jobs directly into Sybiz Vision (& Sybiz Visipay payroll if required). TimePlus allows a single set of time sheet data per employee to be easily captured from scan in / scan out terminals throughout the workshop or remotely if onsite work is required.

Time can be allocated to specific jobs, stages & cost centres and once approved directly imported into the appropriate jobs in Sybiz Vision. In addition, employees can be required to scan in and scan out for the day, allowing accurate collection of data for payroll processing.

Normal Time, Time & Half and Double time are automatically interpreted based on your configuration rules and can be approved via a web interface as required. When ready, simply choose to process the appropriate hours to Sybiz Job Costing and Sybiz Visipay.

Talk to us today about how this solution can assist in providing real time reporting for Job Labour Actuals vs Estimates so that you can instantly track how jobs are travelling and where job overruns occur. You can contact us on 1300 720 767.



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