Sage Intacct R2 of 2022 Highlights

Sage Intacct 2022 Release 2 Highlights

Sage Intacct 2022 R2 is now available!! 

With this release, Sage is also launching their new look.  For Sage Intacct, you will not only see a new logo, but you will notice different colours in the header & footer.

Grab a coffee and take a few minutes to check out some of the latest updates.

Collection Notices for AR

Automate the communication with customers to collect overdue balances.  You can create different letters with different levels of severity based on how overdue or how much the customers owe.

Audit Trail Improvements

Additional fields have been added to the Audit History report to give you more insight into what is happening.

Default GST Details

You can now assign default tax schedules against any vendor, customer or contact.  This simplifies the process of assigning one or multiple tax codes to a transaction line.

Inventory Fulfillment

This is an Early Adopter feature.  Gain efficiencies in your warehouse by processing your orders through your custom workflow such as pick, ship or pick, pack and invoice.

Streamline Your Reconciliation

Now out of early adopter phase, this feature is now available to everyone.  Create rules to automatically create journal transactions for incoming bank transactions.

Tracking on Kits

Serial, lot, bin and expiry date tracking is now available for stockable kits.  Tracking items can can also be included in your kits.

To read more about all of the new features, check out the full release notes.

We are here to help you

We would be pleased to provide you and your team with hands-on assistance to update your Sage Intacct configuration and setup as needed to take advantage of these new features. Call us on 1300 720 767 or complete our online contact form.
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