Sybiz Vision V20 is now available!

This release of Sybiz Vision is packed with great features that improve the user experience and functionality.  The major new features for Sybiz Vision V20 include, but are not limited to:

Introduction of greater detail on posting accounts – inventory, jobs, service and manufacturing

Producing reliable and accurate reporting is a key deliverable of any business financial package.  With this upgrade Sybiz has been extended the granularity of transaction posting providing greater (optional) dissection of financials – particularly in the area of delivery/receipts, variance recording and analysis, and manufacturing.

Sourced-from Products

Where products are sold, but drawn from other stock (think cut length, or broken packs) then this can now be simply accommodated.  This includes the recording of offcuts/leftovers.

Invoice direct from Purchase Deliveries

Whereas previously it was necessary to enter a purchase invoice against the original order, it is now possible to raise (match) the invoice against the entered delivery. It’s now also possible to create one invoice grouping multiple deliveries or from a single delivery.

Sybiz Vision V20 Additional Enhancements:

Streamline access to shortcuts.

Additional access has been implemented allowing operators to more easily perform certain functions – more buttons in more intuitive places.  These have improved the overall useability in the following areas: find functions, ‘New From’ extensions, CRM and more.

This has also seen the addition of the “Track Order” button in all Sales and Purchase Transactions – not just Orders.

CRM Opportunities – Create Quotes/Estimates

Further to the above improvements, it is now possible from within a CRM Opportunity, to launch straight into creating a quote/estimate.

Standing Journals now has ‘New From’ (Previously on Journals only)

This streamlines the functionality surrounding Journal management, making it even easier to maintain these tables.

Cashbook Offset Transaction Searching

For clients with a large number of offset transaction (more than a screen) it is now possible to search for items – making it easier to locate the required line.

More freedom amending existing processed orders

Transaction Corrections have been extended to the following abilities with processed order: select different supplier after processing, updating costs and sales prices as relevant to the newly selected supplier.

Optional Automatic Numbering for Customers, Suppliers, and Project.

It is now possible to allocate numbers automatically to these master records.

Improvements to reporting and analytics

In response to customer feedback, there have been Improvements have to reporting in numerous areas.

Plus the following additional minor enhancements

  • Aged Balance report now use Exchange rate based on nominated date run.
  • Inventory Quantity and Value report now includes Last Cost
  • Estimated Unit Prices in manufacturing now 4 decimals (previously was ‘2’)
  • Manufacture Issues and Returns enquiry screen shows transaction description
  • Resizing ability in Analytics Panels (Pivot and Chart panels)
  • Fixed Assets purchased through the Creditors will now post an acquisition cost to all active books if configured to do so.
  • Project budgets now allow exporting of all active projects (previously only a single Project was selectable per export)
  • Contracts now able to import and export to update individual pricing more easily.
  • Larger fields may now be included in import/Export
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2019 is officially supported in Sybiz 20.
If you are ready to upgrade to Sybiz Vision V20, register your interest by completing the Sybiz Vision.NET Upgrade Form.

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