Sybiz Vision V21 is now available!

Sybiz Vision V21 is now available

2020 has presented the business world with a myriad of challenges and has highlighted the need to be able to adapt quickly.  Sybiz Vision V21 is focused on embracing the change to help create new possibilities.  

The release is focused on connectivity and flexibility. There are many, many new features and functions.  A few of them are listed (but not limited to) below.  

If you are ready to upgrade, please complete the online upgrade form.

Greater flexibility with emails including mass email control

More flexible emailing options to send bulk emails.  This can be from either a dedicated or group account as well as maintaining individual settings.  Further to this, From or Reply-To email addresses can be set per transaction type.  This gives you greater control over your communications with customers and suppliers.

Deposits in Pay & Process easier to process

When using Pay & Process, you can now receive, edit, and refund deposits allowing users to process them quickly and with greater accuracy from a dedicated option in the ribbon bar.

Connect with Web API

With Web API, you can securely connect the Sybiz Vision processing engine and data to additional devices.  

Flexibility in how custom fields are viewed

You can now make custom fields visible, read-only, or hidden.

Additional Contact Information for Deliveries

You can now create delivery methods that allow you to add contact details for couriers etc. 

Custom Field Types are now interactive

Email, File & URL custom field types now allow you to navigate to a file or an external link.

Inclusion of Sales Quote quantities into the Suggested PO Quantities

Outstanding Sales Quotes can now be included in the calculation of suggested purchase orders to help users decide how much stock to purchase. 

Responsive Reports

Each report can now have its own security settings allowing users to see specific information based on their permissions and user roles.  You can create reports specific to departments by defining what roles can view certain layouts.

Create Credits from Returns

The process of creating credits from returns has been streamlined to allow users to create a credit from a return on purchase and sales transactions.  You can also add additional charges on returns into the same transaction on a new line.

Suggest Button on Purchase Orders

When creating a PO, you can now use the Suggest button to determine what else you might need to order from this supplier.  This feature gives you quick access to the Suggested PO feature for that supplier.  You can then top up the PO according to your requirements.

Multiple records, transactions, and ledgers can all be open at once

You can now have multiple records and transactions open at once so you don’t have to close a record or transaction before opening another.

Microsoft Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication

If you currently use Microsoft Office 365 as the Sybiz Vision email type, you can now take advantage of Multi-Factor Authentication.

Sales mobility

The first of Sybiz’s mobile application has been released, specifically for sales.  You can now create sales orders and quotes from their smart device.

Ready to upgrade?

If you are ready to upgrade to Sybiz Vision V21, register your interest by completing the Sybiz Vision.NET Upgrade Form.
One of the PBT team will then be in contact with you to discuss.

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