IT Security Recommendations 2022

In 2019, we wrote an article for our clients highlighting the need to implement IT security requirements to address the emerging threats to your business data causing financial losses and operational disruption.

The article which can still be found here, was intended to educate our clients on the minimum security initiatives that should have been implemented at the time.

Fast forward three years, and our clients, and Australia in general are far more intimately aware of the number of rising data breaches and the growing threat of Cyber Attack across the country.

With many of our clients taking out Cyber Insurance and requesting our assistance in meeting requirements, we have observed that the Insurance companies are also increasing the minimum IT Security requirements clients must have in order to qualify for the insurance.

With this in mind, and the advancement in technology over the last 3 years to improve IT Security for small to medium business, we have revised the Minimum Standard that we recommend to our clients.

These articles go through the best practices for protection.

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