Dimensions in Employment Hero now available on Timesheets

Dimension now available on Employment Hero Timesheets

The Employment Hero Payroll Dimensions feature is now available on timesheets.

Many ERP and accounting systems have embraced the concept of dimensional accounting, offering detailed, real-time insights without the need for an extensive array of GL accounts and a complex chart of accounts.

To further enhance the integration of employee wages into the accounting framework, Employment Hero has extended the dimensions feature into Timesheets.

Utilizing dimensions provides businesses with the following advantages:

  • Simplified Structure: Businesses can avoid creating numerous locations or sub-locations for each job, project, or department, thereby eliminating the need to manage these locations in the chart of accounts.
  • Precision in Earnings and Expenses: Dimension values can be easily assigned to an employee’s earnings and expense claims during the pay run process, ensuring accurate categorization and reporting.
  • Seamless Payroll Journals: Dimension details are seamlessly integrated into the payroll journal, eliminating the need for manual transactions and enhancing overall efficiency in the accounting process.

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