What is new in the Sybiz Vision Version 24?

What is new in the Sybiz Vision Version 24?

Important Information

Minimum supported version of Microsoft SQL Server:

Sybiz Vision 24 requires a minimum Microsoft SQL Server version of 2017, aligning with version 23.00. During the upgrade process to version 23.00+, a message will prompt users if their minimum requirements exceed this range.

Users should upgrade their Microsoft SQL Server to the latest available version during the upgrade, enhancing not only longevity but also performance capabilities.

Read more about these new features and enhancements below.

If you are ready to upgrade, please complete the online upgrade form.

Web API access restricted:

Access to Web API is becoming more secure, with restricted access to limited user accounts in Sybiz Vision. This allows companies to selectively determine who accesses Web API functionality, such as permitting specific users to log in to Sybiz mobile apps or managing other third-party access. By default, existing users will be set to desktop only (no Web API access), and Administrators will only be able to be set to desktop only. (CR2303-1951)

Web API requires upgrading:

Web API requires upgrading to the latest version (2.40) when upgrading Sybiz Vision 24.00 due to new security restrictions and other technology updates in place.

Change to label in Inventory Maintenance:

The label ‘Allow Inventory’ has changed to ‘Allow Manufacturing’ to more accurately reflect the user’s action. Queries at the database level using this field will need updating on upgrade. Breakpoints using the property should also be updated but will not result in a breaking change. (CR2305-2020)

Increased control over permanent closure of tax periods:

To prevent unintended permanent closure of specific tax periods, the window title now provides the dates of the questionable tax period. An additional checkbox ‘Allow period to be permanently closed’ has been added, requiring user confirmation before proceeding. (CR2308-2540)

Purchase Requisition totals for approval thresholds are now tax-exclusive:

Changes have been made to the Purchase Requisition approval process in Sybiz 24. The total value, excluding tax, will be used from version 24.00 rather than the total amount inclusive of tax. Approval limits may need adjustment to accommodate this change. (CR2304-1988)

Pay items for contracts are calculated differently:

Existing contracts will now ignore the multiplier for overtime rates (double time, time and a half, etc.) to accurately reflect inclusive contract rates. This change aims to align with contracts that already include these rates. (CR210245545)

Transaction changes affect VisionCompanyManager object:

Changes have been made to prevent obscure transaction protection issues. These changes may result in breaking changes to external programs or breakpoint code using the VisionCompanyManager object. (CR2309-2661)

Additional security option for transactions:

An additional security option for transactions has been added in Sybiz Vision 24.00 to allow access without add, edit, or process rights. Configuration can be done in Administration > Roles. (CR2308-2471)

Operating system compatibility:

Certain older operating systems (Microsoft Windows XP, some versions of Microsoft Windows Vista, and Microsoft Server 2003), Microsoft SQL Server (2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2016), and Microsoft Windows Server 2012 are not compatible with Sybiz 24.00. If uncertain, consult your Authorized Business Partner before upgrading. Microsoft Windows 11 is supported for Sybiz 24, with compatibility extending to some later versions of Sybiz solutions.

DevExpress upgrade:

Version 24.00 of Sybiz Vision utilizes DevExpress version

New Features:

The Vision Service mobile app is here!

With location services activated, effortlessly navigate to service request locations while on the go, ensuring you’re on the right path. Quickly assess the day’s appointment locations or delve into specific requests for expedited travel.

The introduction of service workflows facilitates a streamlined journey for users through their unique service request processes. Sybiz Vision allows the configuration of Workflow Stages and Steps, enabling the tracking of service-related information such as customer calls, travel time, work duration, and more. Particularly beneficial for monitoring chargeable consumables on-site, this exciting feature seamlessly integrates with the Vision Service mobile app.

Sybiz’s mobile solutions are purposefully built for specific roles and optimized for touchscreen devices, delivering familiar flexibility and control to Sybiz Vision users.

All Vision mobile apps get an upgrade:

Within Sybiz 24, the entire range of mobile apps has undergone a comprehensive upgrade, introducing convenient new features. Users can now log in using biometrics, including FaceID or Face Recognition. Additionally, the capability to add new line items via barcode scanning has been integrated into every Vision app (CR2307-2447).

Vision Stock now supports integrated infrared barcode readers:

The Vision Stock mobile app now supports integrated infrared barcode reader devices in addition to the standard use of the camera to scan barcodes. (CR2307-2447)

UX improvements to Vision Stock app:

Integrated infrared barcode reader devices are now supported in the Vision Stock mobile app in addition to the standard use of the camera to scan barcodes. (CR2307-2447)

See alternate address information in Vision Jobs:

Sybiz Vision Jobs allows users to include a distinct address for a job, separate from the customer’s address, to cater to scenarios where they may vary. This alternative address is now accessible in the Vision Jobs mobile app. In cases where a job address is not specified, the customer’s address for the job is automatically utilized (CR2308-2561).

View documents and images attached to Jobs in Vision Jobs:

Users of the Vision Job mobile app can now conveniently access images and documents attached to jobs in the desktop app, enhancing information accessibility while onsite (CR2308-2546).

Add images to Jobs in Vision Jobs:

Users of the Vision Job mobile app now can seamlessly add images from their mobile devices to jobs, simplifying the process of documenting before-and-after images or capturing other crucial imagery-based information while onsite (CR2308-2548).

Filter products by preferred supplier in Vision Purchase:

In the Vision Purchase module, users now possess the capability to filter products by the preferred supplier for both purchase requisitions and purchase orders (CR2303-1870).

Combine multiple service requests:

Sybiz 24 introduces the capability to associate multiple Service Items with a single Service Request. When using the new Vision Service mobile app, users can effortlessly link service requests in the Sybiz Vision desktop service scheduler through a simple drag-and-drop method or combine them via maintenance in service requests. This feature proves advantageous for customers handling multiple items during the same scheduled appointment (CR210445899).

All new disputed customer transactions:

Sybiz Vision users now have the convenience of flagging sales invoices, job costed invoices, and advanced service transactions as “in dispute,” providing clarity to other users about ongoing issues with the customer. During the dispute period, the transaction is excluded from reports; however, payments can still be processed against it. Disputed transactions can also be excluded from finance charges, customer statements, and customer offsets if configured accordingly. Once the dispute is resolved, users can promptly update the transaction status from Debtors > Sales Management or directly from customer enquiry screens (CR2308-2576).

Contact person for CRM Case Files and Activities

In Sybiz Vision CRM, users now can add a contact person to Case Files and Activities. This feature proves beneficial in scenarios where additional information is required, contacting a specific person is necessary for follow-up or reporting, or when the Case File or Activity is internal and not linked to a Customer or Supplier (CR170232930).


Transact in five General Ledger periods

Users now enjoy the capability to conduct transactions across 5 General Ledger years, a significant enhancement from the previous limit of 3 in Sybiz Vision’s earlier versions (CR2304-2014).

New functionality in custom dashboard designer

The custom dashboard designer in Sybiz has expanded it’s functionality, empowering users to create tabbed pages within both new and existing dashboards. This enhancement optimizes dashboard space, facilitating a more efficient presentation of data with the ability to visually showcase more information (CR2310-2685).

Estimated Work Time for Service Requests

Users now can establish a default estimated duration of work for service requests, enhancing the scheduling process for service technicians. The estimated work time can also be customized on an individual basis for each service request (CR2306-2254).

New columns and filtering options for meter servicing transactions

Users now possess the capability to filter meter servicing runs using customer, service item, and service meter filters. Additionally, meter servicing transactions have been enhanced with new columns and filtering options for a more comprehensive and tailored experience (CR201044777).

Various time-saving stocktake improvements

Sybiz 24 introduces a range of time-saving tools aimed at enhancing the efficiency of stocktake processes. Notable additions include advanced options for managing serial and lot-tracked items during stocktake, along with the ability to include or exclude products with zero quantity on hand or those with no transactions since the last stocktake.

Adjustments have been implemented to streamline the counting of zero-quantity items in partial stocktake imports. In this scenario, marking a quantity as zero will accurately reflect zero items in stock upon import. For items yet to be counted, an empty value will designate them as not yet assessed (CR170734615, CR2307-2349).

New security right to restrict elsewhere stock locations on transfer

Sybiz 24 introduces a dedicated security right designed to permit or restrict the use of “elsewhere” as a location in stock transfers. This addition aims to minimize the potential for arbitrary stock removal or addition by providing finer control over the stock transfer process (CR2306-2220).

Alternate products column on all grids that allow product selection

Sybiz 24 involves the integration of the alternate product column into all grids facilitating product selection. This addition ensures that stock levels across all locations are visible, empowering users to make informed decisions about selecting the most suitable alternate product. (CR2306-2275)

Sort and filter through contacts quicker

Sybiz 24 introduces a new customisation feature on the customer contact enquiry screen, enabling users to swiftly sort and filter through customer contacts. This enhancement allows for efficient and user-friendly navigation. Additionally, preferred filtering and sorting options are automatically saved to the individual user state, providing a “set and forget” functionality for users to tailor information displayed according to their preferences (CR2308-2581).

Enhanced customer search functions

Users gain the capability to search for customers using information beyond code or name, including parameters like phone number or email from transactions. This feature allows for more versatile and comprehensive customer searches, and users can configure search parameters in Debtor Defaults to tailor the search experience (CR2303-1952).

Customer and Supplier contact fields support more characters

The character length of the Supplier and Customer contact Position fields has been expanded to 50 characters, from 25 (CR2304-2006).

Desktop and Mobile users

Administrators now have the flexibility to selectively determine access to desktop and mobile functionality for users. This includes the ability to restrict login access to Sybiz mobile apps for specific users or manage third-party access. Upon default and during the upgrade process, existing users will be automatically set to desktop-only access, with administrators initially limited to desktop-only access as well (CR2303-1951).

Improved user and role maintenance

Users can now be assigned to and from a role when editing a role, making it an easier process to adjust role and user rights at the same time. The roles a user is assigned to are also now visible in the user grid. (CR2308-2472)

Read-only transaction access

Users now have read-only access to transactions in Sybiz Vision. Access-only rights can be configured in Administration > Roles. (CR2308-2471)

Sort and filter orders by creator

Users can now sort and filter orders by their creator in the Sales and Purchase Management screens. This enhancement facilitates the specific selection of orders created by a particular user, providing improved organization and accessibility (CR2307-2441).

More grid space on transactions

Users now can collapse transaction headers to show more transaction lines and increase grid real estate. (CR2305-2141)

New columns available on Manufacture transactions

Two new columns have been incorporated into Manufacture Orders to enhance visibility into quantities available before being issued. The “Manufacturable Quantity” column indicates the quantity that can be manufactured at the chosen location based on the assembly recipe and component stock levels. Additionally, the “Total Manufacturable Quantity” column provides information on the total quantity that can be manufactured across all locations, inclusive of any component transfers (CR200944530, CR210946837).

New Columns in Sales Transaction Screens

In Sybiz 24 sales transaction screens, two additional columns have been introduced, along with modifications to two existing columns to better align with manufacturing processes. The Available Quantity and Total Available Quantity columns will now become blank if the recipe is altered on the line. They provide information on the quantity of stock in the specified location (or remain blank if no location is specified) and the total stock quantity across all locations. Users can seamlessly add these columns to relevant transactions through the column chooser, facilitating decisions related to component replacements or back ordering for assemblies (CR200944530, CR210946837).

See stock available and on order for Manufacture Work Orders

Two new columns, Total Quantity on Hand, and Total Quantity on Order, have been added to the Stock Fulfilment grid to allow users to see what is in stock and on purchase order in all locations for Manufacture Work Orders. (CR201144825).

Merge multiple accepted quotes into a single order

There is now a simplified way to include accepted quotes in a single sales order. Users now can multi-select sales quotes when adding documents for a given customer, such as sales quotes. (CR2308-2505).

New Reprint option

A new reprint option has been added to transactions. This option allows users to recreate or reprint the documents (without reprocessing). This new function uses the transaction settings enabled such as print, print preview, email, email preview etc. (CR2308-2483)

Sybiz Vision email engine for customer contacts

Sending emails from the customer contact enquiry screen now uses the Sybiz Vision email engine for more streamlined email use on the Sybiz Cloud platform. (CR2306-2273)

Warning added when adjusting exchange rate

When users adjust the exchange rate on foreign transactions to notify them that the a warning has been added price will be refreshed. (CR2307-2444)

Custom fields on Sales Picks

Custom fields have been added to sales picks at both header and line level, allowing even more customisation. (CR2306-2323)

​Custom fields on Job Cost transactions

Custom fields have been incorporated at both the header and line levels of Job Cost transactions, providing users with enhanced flexibility for customization (CR2308-2541).

Create templates from Job Estimates

You can now expedite the job estimate process by creating templates directly from existing job estimates. This feature accelerates the estimation workflow and enables users to efficiently utilize similarly created estimates (CR2305-2179).

Cost of Job Override Control

A posting account has been introduced for Job Groups, enabling users to define a cost of sales account override specifically for products costed to jobs. This account pertains exclusively to job groups and does not extend to stages or cost centers. If left unassigned, the goods utilized in jobs will be posted to the accounts specified in the product’s group or location (CR2305-2091).

Adding costs to and refreshing a saved Job Costed invoice

Users now can refresh Job Costed invoices via the Update Lines > Refresh Lines ribbon button. This enables users to add any outstanding or estimated costs that need to be included since the invoice was saved or created and that are not currently visible. Additionally, users now can input estimates and costs to the job from the ribbon. However, it’s important to note that this action does not automatically refresh the lines. The decision on whether the new entries should be included in the invoice remains under the control of the user (CR2306-2208).

Enhancements to the Job Analytic

There are enhancements on the Job Analytic which include the addition of Labour Quantity and an additional field in the pivot that uses the customer code and name linked to the job instead of transactions. (CR2307-2445, CR2309-2633)

Costed invoice breakpoint support

Costed invoices now support CellValueChanged breakpoints in Sybiz Vision. (CR2308-2544)

The Tax History Report improvements

The Tax History report in Sybiz Vision now accounts for the General Ledger defaults setting of Cash Accounting. This enhancement ensures that the report takes into consideration the use of Accrual Accounting and no longer assumes it is set to False, thereby improving the accuracy and reliability of the data output (CR2303-1939).

Web API supports tracking

The Sybiz Vision Web API now supports the creation of serial and lot numbers, as well as searching for existing tracking numbers. (CR2301-1667)

Record notes against lots

Users can now opt to record supplementary information against lot numbers by attaching a note when assigning the lot number. This feature is discretionary and can be disregarded when not needed (CR210546164).

Bulleted and numbered list support for Notes fields

You can now add bulleted lists and numbered lists to Notes and other free text areas by right-clicking. (CR2305-2139)

To review more about the Fixes and Improvements in Sybiz V24, please go to the Sybiz website.


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