PBT Partnership Agreement -Support Definition

Progressive Business Technologies provides first level support under our Partnership agreements with our clients. This entitles our clients support up to 15 mins of support per case at no additional charge.

The type of support available through the support agreement is subject to this Support Definition.. Please review this document to understand exactly what services are covered under the partnership agreement. We strive to provide the best possible customer relationships and service and to achieve this must communicate clearly our services.

Support agreement services are limited to 15 minutes per case, after which they are charged at the appropriate hourly rate in 5 minute increments. PBT staff will endeavor to notify our client when time spent on a support issue reaches 1 hour, however the client agrees that they have been duly notified of how PBT will charge support and consulting services and agrees to accept these charges.

It is important for you to understand that time spent on support matters may not simply be the time spent with you on the phone, or the time to respond to an email. Consultants may need to record details of the support request, including the resolution of the issue, liaise with the software vendor via phone or email and in many cases may need to investigate the issue more thoroughly. The client accepts that these activities are chargeable.

Please note you can also use this time to speak to our experienced team about improvements in the way you use your software and concepts of ideas you have to make your business more efficient. A support case does not have to be used purely for a support matter, and we welcome discussions on your business processes and where we can help.

There are however some services that are not covered under the support agreement.

Tasks Not Included Under Helpdesk are:

Implementation Tasks
The support agreement does not cover implementation services of new software or modules. Resources are not available for implementation tasks for new business system or module implementations. Such activities are covered by our implementation process.

Investigation around Software Issues or Errors over 15 minutes
Where a software issue or error is reported to PBT and we do not or cannot immediately ascertain why the issue or error has occurred, we will charge for our time over the initial 15 minutes.

This investigation could take place either by (but not exclusively) dialled in remotely, via phone, by replicating the process in a test database or by the customer sending a copy of their database into PBT.

Software Upgrades
Software Upgrades are not supported under the support agreement. Most upgrades require planning to upgrade the client remotely.

On Site Services
Where a consultant provides support or consultancy services onsite, these services are not covered under the support agreement.

Form Design & Report Writing
Form Design and Report Writing services are not performed under the support agreement.

User Training
The support agreement does not cover user training, where end user training on the products is required.

Should you wish to discuss our helpdesk services in more detail, please contact PBT on 1300 720 767.
Multi-Company Helpdesk Support

PBT must be advised if a company under a support agreement intends for their agreement to provide support services to a related company owned / operate by the same company. Depending on the circumstances, individual support agreements may be required.