SPECIAL OFFER – Snapshot.Live Cloud Dashboard Business Intelligence

Snapshot.Live Special Offer


Snapshot.Live cloud dashboard reporting software integrates to both Sybiz Vision & Visipay.  

Get immediate Dashboards relevant to your Business. Customise, filter to a fine level, schedule and share valuable business information quickly and easily…

Snapshot.Live helps individuals and teams get important business information in instant, visual Dashboards, anywhere, anytime.

Snapshot.Live is easy to deploy and has no lock in contracts.

Get access to Sybiz Vision & Visipay dashboards free for 3 months.

Snapshot.Live has developed a range of dashboards to help with JobKeeper.

These Jobkeeper dashboards have already helped customer avoid mistakes, and ensure they are receiving maximum re-imbursements from the ATO.

Features included in the JobSeeker Dashboards:

  • Identifies likely eligible employees
  • Checks for Valid PayItems – avoids missing re-imbursements due to incorrect formatting

In addition to this, for every pay run:

  • Determines if staff have been insufficiently paid to meet $1500 per fortnight – per reimbursement period (avoids possible fines and penalties)
  • Helps to calculate end of month TopUP amounts for casuals (saves time and adds certainty to pay processing)
  • Forecasts JobKeeper Re-imbursement amounts per reimbursement period (allows for more accurate budgeting)
  • Provides reconciliation of eligible JobKeeper Payslips (avoids possible fines and penalties, and facilitates individual ad-hoc reporting to staff)
  • Check for payments to ineligible employees – will not be re-imbursed (helps avoid paying where not able to be reimbursed)
  • Allows for simplified record keeping (saves time and anguish in the payroll team)
  • Identifies “Stood Down Employees” not paid JobKeeper.

** Please note, these reports require Visipay Employee data to be true and correct.

Get your free 3 months subscription to the JobSeeker Dashboards and more. 

After trialling, continue using Snapshot, or do nothing. No sales pressure. If you continue, you can cancel anytime. You can upgrade or downgrade your initial selection, whenever you want.

BONUS:  If you are also a Sybiz Vision.NET user, you also get access to these dashboards as well.

To subscribe to this free trial, contact sales@pbt.net.au or call 1300 720 767.