Kompletecare Keypay Case Study

About KompleteCare

KompleteCare provides the Disability & Aged Care Community with services and support to live their best life in their own homes. Established in 2014, KompleteCare has grown to 5 locations across Australia. While the growth and success of KompleteCare has been exciting their team never lost sight of where they began and why. Ensuring their clients and their families receive the same standards and personalised services as the day it began.

Life Before Keypay

Before implementing Keypay, KompleteCare used MYOB to process their pays. They also had paper-heavy manual processes in place that put pressure on the payroll staff to ensure employees were paid on-time and accurately.

KompleteCare has had significant growth now employs over 350 staff under modern awards like the SCHADS award. With their team expected to double, they needed a more automated solution in place that delivered efficiency.

With Laura spearheading the project, KompleteCare went to market to look for a cloud-based payroll software solution that could not only manage their current staff levels, but also future-proof them for their next growth wave.

“Our care team in the field have specialized timesheet and rostering capabilities through our care management software, but we did not have the same functionality available for our office team.

We were bogged down in manual paper processes for annual leave and expense re-imbursements. Automation of these processes, timesheet approvals and rostering were critical requirements for us.”

Laura Biggins

Finance Manager KompleteCare

Key Requirements

For KompleteCare, the staff in the field would continue to enter their time through Visual Care. This time would need to be imported into Keypay. The office staff would use Keypay timesheets to enter their time. Other key requirements included:

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    Automation of the approval of timesheets for the office and annual leave requests

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    Rostering for the office staff

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    Award Interpretation

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    Expense re-imbursements

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    Timesheet import from Visual Care to KeyPay

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    Integration to their financial system for payroll journals

The Deliverables

Interpretation of SCHADS Award

Most of the team at KompleteCare work under the SCHADS award, so KeyPay’s award interpretation engine is an important feature for KompleteCare. The Keypay rulesets saves time and reduces the number of errors.

Streamlined processes​

Many manual processes are now redundant as employees enter timesheets via the employee portal for approval. Payroll staff are no longer bogged down in chasing up timesheets for manual checking and calculating.


Integrations with Visual Care & Sage Intacct

Integrations with Visual Care and Sage Intacct allow KompleteCare to combine all their systems seamlessly with KeyPay.


Keypay enables KompleteCare to scale their payroll processes as they continue to grow their business and their team.

Implementation Process

Working together KompleteCare and PBT were able to implement Keypay over a two-month timeframe.

PBT’s implementation process was followed, and with strong client-side governance from Laura, all project tasks were closely monitored and completed on time and under budget.

KompleteCare’s commitment to the project, combined with Laura’s deep understanding of the business and their requirements, translated to a highly successful Go Live with very few support issues.

“PBT provided us with strong project management and product implementation skills. Together, we were able to finish tasks within the required timeframes and complete the project earlier than expected and under budget .”

Laura Biggins

Finance Manager KompleteCare

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