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Zoho provides a suite of integrated cloud based solutions to help you run your business. We use Zoho internally for our customer facing activities including, ticketing, project management and CRM solutions, so we truly understand how it can benefit our customers. The Zoho suite of products continues to grow and offer a wide range of services that our customers can take advantage of.

Flexible and affordable

Zoho CRM is an affordable and flexible mid market CRM Solution.  It is on the right cost/functionality curve for small business by providing alot out of the box, but with scope for customising the solution.  You can start by implementing some of it’s core features, and then expand over time into more complex functionality and solutions.

Integrated with ERP business software

An integration exists to ensure syncing of key data between your Zoho CRM and ERP business software (Sybiz Vision or Sage Evolution).  This integration comprises of:

  • Customer Accounts syncing to Zoho CRM
  • Customer Contacts syncing both ways between your business system and Zoho CRM
  • Product information syncing from your business system to Zoho CRM
  • Product Price Levels syncing from your business system to Zoho CRM
  • Sales Quotes from Zoho CRM syncing to your business system
  • Sales Orders from Zoho CRM syncing to your business system

This integration gives us one set of data to keep up to date instead of having to create these records manually in both systems.

This enables you to not only manage your communications with your suppliers and customers, but also extend that functionality to be able to generate Sales Orders/Invoices.  You can choose the level of integration that suits you best.

Zoho Highlights

There so many awesome features of Zoho CRM that it is impossible to cover them all.  But, to give you a little insight into what it is all about, here are few highlights:


We understand that businesses use CRM in different ways and have different processes they may want their staff to follow.  Zoho CRM is flexible in it’s nature so you can tailor it to suit your specific needs.  Supported by a set of solid core functionality, Zoho CRM simply just fits!  Because you can customise Zoho CRM to suit your requirements, you can reduce the overhead associated with managing leads and sales by only having the information you require.

Customer Communications

With multiple channels of communication, Zoho CRM allows you to connect with your customers through phone, emails, social media, in person and through live chats.  No matter how you engage with your customer, Zoho CRM helps you keep track of all communications in one spot.  You can reduce the overhead associated with managing leads and sales by scheduling reminders, and setup automation for regular tasks.  By automating Zoho CRM, you can focus on the activities that are really important for closing deals and increasing your productivity.

Integration to Outlook and other email packages allows you to see your email from within Zoho CRM.  So, there is no need to keep jumping between your email software and Zoho CRM.  By sending emails from Zoho CRM, you can also see click-through rates and the customers behaviour when looking at that email.

Sales Opportunity Management

Manage your sales cycles from an unqualified lead, all the way through to sale.  You can define your sales processes and manage your pipeline from beginning to end and ensure the right actions are taken at the right time.  Sales staff can manage their own territories while their managers can have a helicopter view of everything that is going on.

You can bring your website and social media into your sales process by capturing your leads directly from your website and also connecting to prospects through social media.  You can set up your own listening streams and get instant updates when key words are mentioned online.

Activity Management

Zoho CRM helps you to never miss a beat when communicating with your customers.  With scheduled reminders and great visual prompts, Zoho CRM ensures you get back to the customer on time.

Get Mobile

If your sales team or account managers are on the road, the Zoho CRM’s mobile app is perfect for them.  They can check maps, look at previous notes, photograph business cards and save them to leads and also use the check-in feature so that everyone knows where you are.

Detailed and flexible reporting

Zoho CRM reports and dashboards provide you with great analytics to measure your progress and ultimate success.  There are pre-built KPI reports and analytics that ensure you have the information to make the right business decisions.  Really get to know your customers trends and behaviour so you can customise your sales pitch to be more specific.

Get the competitive juices flowing

Add a little fun to your sales process with The Gamification feature in Zoho CRM.  You can set up little games to help your sales team reach their targets.

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