PBT Payroll – Award Interpretation & Pay Conditions Engine

Advanced Award Recognition Functionality.

PBT Payroll powered by KeyPay’s powerful pay conditions engine automates payroll calculations for Employment Awards and Enterprise Agreements (EAs), eliminating human error.

Combined with rostering and time and attendance features, the pay conditions engine allows business to set their unique payroll scenario – whether it is a variation to an award rule set or a unique overtime calculation – these can be handled in PBT Payroll by building rule sets. 

The pay conditions engine can look after: 

  • Pay rate templates covering standard rates, penalty rates and allowances for each age bracket and each classification 
  • Pay conditions 
  • Overtime rules 
  • Allowances 
  • Public holiday rules 
  • Time off in lieu of overtime 
  • Shift worker support 
  • Leave templates – including state-based long service leave entitlements 
  • Superannuation thresholds 
  • Pay rate increases 
  • Age progression through the award 
  • Increase wage rates based on anniversaries – ideal for qualifications where applicable

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