PBT Payroll powered by KeyPay enables businesses to easily build and manage their roster – at an employee, department and business level.

Easily build your roster

The intuitive rostering functionality allows you to:

  • Create shifts based on employees’ standard work hours
  • Easily move shifts around by dragging and copying shifts from one employee/day to another
  • Unavailability and approved leave are also displayed to determine staff availability. 

Roster according to budget

The Budget Manager allows you to easily identify when roster costs are nearing or exceeding budgeted costs before the roster is published.

Budgets can be set by day and by location and based on either a % of sales or a fixed amount.

Real time costings can be displayed.  This is the case whether you have installed any of our pre-configured Awards, created your own rule sets or have staff on fixed hourly rates or salaries.  All shifts will be interpreted and cost accordingly. Costs can be viewed by shift, by the employee, and on a daily, weekly and fortnightly basis. 

Shift notifications

Staff can be notified of their shifts via sms and/or email, with just one click of a button. Additionally, staff using WorkZone, the mobile app for employees, will receive push notifications. Staff can also have the option of declining shifts upon receiving their shift notifications. 

Shift bidding

Maximise time and efficiency by enabling shift bidding. Assign an available shift to an eligible group of employees. The first employee that accepts the shift will be assigned to that shift and the roster will update accordingly.

Copy rosters to another period

Easily copy a day, week or fortnightly roster for a specific employee or all employees to another specific day, week or fortnight. 

Compare roster versus actual

Prior to approving timesheets, compare rostered shifts vs actual time worked to effortlessly identify any major discrepancies.  

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