Sybiz Vision Classic is entering it’s twilight years. Now is the time to speak to PBT about the benefits of upgrading to Sybiz Vision.NET

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What does Sybiz Vision Classic end-of-life mean?

End-of-life for Sybiz Vision Classic means it is the end of it’s lifecycle. Sybiz will no longer be releasing updates and patches for Sybiz Vision Classic from December 2020, and as of December 2021, Sybiz will no longer be supporting Sybiz Vision Classic.

Whilst it will still continue to work for you, it is now time to upgrade to Sybiz Vision.NET to ensure you are on the latest version.

Why is it important that we call you?

In our call, we will talk to you about the process of upgrading, and book a time to run you through a demonstration of the software. It is also a good time to talk about any challenges you may be facing with Sybiz Vision Classic, or even functionality that you wish you had.

What’s the demo about?

In the demonstration we will take you through the points of difference of Sybiz Vision.NET as well as some of the awesome new features and functions. We will also address any issues you have with the current version and demonstrate how that is addressed in Sybiz Vision.NET

What’s the risk of not upgrading?

Putting off upgrading could put your company at risk of software incompatibility with operating systems, compliance issues, poor performance and reduced reliability which could all result in higher operating costs.

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