PBT Payroll- Employee Self Service (Employee Kiosk)

Employee Self Service

Employee information can be accessed from anywhere – we are a true cloud application. Employees can also access all their employment-related details via WorkZone. 

Employees can log in to their portal through any web-enabled device and have access to their employment records. Additionally, staff can update their personal information, submit leave, view their shifts and create timesheets. A detailed list of the features available is found below.


Employees can access the employee portal features through WorkZone, catering to those constantly on the run or constantly attached to their phones!

Employees have the ability to:

  • View employee details
  • Edit employee details
  • Manage Leave
  • Manage Expenses
  • Enter timesheets
  • Enter unavailability
  • View calendars
  • View and download payslips and payment summaries
  • Other Documents (eg. employee records, signed contracts etc)

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